Mark & Susan Juma

Mark Juma serves as the Training Coordinator for Kenya for globalLead International.

Mark was born near Lake Victoria in the rural part of western Kenya. He and Susan got married in 2014. They have two children, Alexia and Adrian. Susan is a woman of prayer and very supportive of Mark’s ministry calling.

The primary focus of Mark’s ministry has been youth ministry. He has been a youth evangelist and pastor for 20 years. He is the chair of the Kenya Youth Ministry Coalition, a body that brings five different ministry organizations together to strategically reach all the regions of the country. In 2007, he began serving Reach Out as their administrator and country leader.

“I am passionate about reaching the next generation through powerful, practical, evangelistic messages that are full of vivid illustrations. My connection and influence with young people and adults in Kenya and across Africa are plausible. Recently, globalLead has reached out to me to be their ministry partner. I am truly excited for the noble responsibility as assigned.

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