At globalLead we offer both heart- and skill-based ministry training opportunities for a variety of church leaders. We value the holistic leadership principle from Psalm 78:72:

“With upright heart he shepherded them and guided them with his skillful hand.”

Here below you will find an overview of the current sets of training areas that we offer along with a brief description. For more details follow the links to a full page on each opportunity. All ministry trainings integrate local leaders and are developed from the ministry and life of Christ in order to insure that the training is transferable to any location and ministry context. Trainings are done in levels so that leaders can learn, plan, implement, evaluate and plan for the future.

We offer three series of trainings currently designed to provide follow-up and multiplication, not just a one-time event. Feel free to contact us about supporting the ministry or hosting an event by using this contact form/information or by sending us a message on our Facebook page.

Youth Ministry Strategy:

This series of trainings is offered for those leading the youth ministry in their churches. Whether youth pastors, leadership teams, or both, participating leaders will be engaged in Biblical and transferable principles with local examples in order to develop a workable one-year ministry plan. Additional seminars enable times for evaluation, mentoring, and follow-up.

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Ministry Team Strategy:

There is no better example of life and ministry than Jesus Himself. In our Ministry Team Strategy events, we explore the life and ministry of Christ and develop plans and programs for our churches in a team environment (when possible) to help church leaders to be in sync with one another as they lead in ministry. These trainings offer both local pastors and ministry leaders the timeless principles from the life of Christ, which have worked in a multitude of settings globally throughout history.

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Heart of the Leader: With leaders leaving the ministry at an alarming rate we are tackling the needs of those in full-time ministry head-on with soul care events for full-time leaders and their spouse (if possible). Top leaders need a secure environment to process their life and ministry in a way that re-energizes them and puts them on a life-long healthy trajectory. Utilizing Biblical teaching and engagement as well as group camaraderie, we have seen God do great work in the lives of leaders.

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