“I thank God for this time of refreshing by using Heart of the Leader as a way of facing my fears and doubts. People around me think I am strong but inside I am falling apart. I am honored that God brought me this to guide me towards healing.”

Anonymous Church Leader

If I had not attended the Heart of the Leader then I could have been in a burnout situation by now.

Anonymous Church Leader

“The seminar was very relevant to my ministry.  The topics were comprehensive and of practical value to contemporary youth setting, with special emphasis on building strong relationships between the youth leader and the youth, as well as the family and parents of the youth.”

Noli Opiniano
Cebu City, Philippines

“Practical and helpful things are taught in every session. The idea of having a notebook guide which included making goals and purposes and the practical application was good.  This seminar has given me lots of ideas and insights on how to lead, meet, attract, and just anything about leading the youth ministry.”

Faye Avanzado
Cebu City, Philippines

“This seminar really stretched me by helping me set new goals for next year and preparing organized and attractive lessons.  It helped me build a vision for my youth group and challenged me to design programs that have both Biblical teaching and fun events that should help youth love God and each other more.  Best of all, I was reminded to be a Godly leader, and I rededicated myself to disciplines that I had become slothful on.

Samuel Nganga
Cheptenye, Kenya

“Considering the more than 10 years of experience with youth and camps, this training has no precedents. I had participated in some good trainings, and I had even organized and taught some, but this one was better and superior.  To say this I have several reasons; the students had many interests and willingness to learn, and the teaching was clear, dynamic, precise, practical, Biblical, and according to the needs of Cuba.  My final evaluation and definite is that the training was excellent and filled with God’s blessing.

Samuel Evora Villar

“As a senior pastor, I regretted that I only sent two of my youth leaders to the training (thinking it would again be one of those boring and tedious seminars).  After witnessing the materials, the topics and the speakers, I attended the seminar myself on the second day.  I am 100% sold out that it will help our church!  I strongly recommend for a follow-up training/level not later than 2005.  I myself will help promote to churches.”

Pastor Celso N. Mansing
Cebu, Philippines

This seminar has brought me back to my senses, i.e., I’ve been reminded that I need to bring youth to Jesus and not to church.

John Jumbi
Eldoret, Kenya