Discipleship Resources

The Foundations for Life workbooks are globally usable, comprehensive, discipleship resources integrating knowledge and experience to produce fully devoted followers of Christ. These workbooks challenge individuals to read their Bible, memorize key verses, and write about what they learn. The content may be used individually, with another person, youth, leaders, or in ministry large group settings as workbooks/worksheets. Through globalLead’s ministry experience of over two decades, the author has worked with youth and leaders from over 50 countries and specifically designed these discipleship resources around global Biblical principles to work cross-culturally and applicable distinctly to their local context.


These corresponding youth and adult series are available in print and eBook versions on Amazon and can be used individually or in partnership with one another.


Volume 1: Building Upon God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit

This volume sets the initial block of the spiritual foundation for life. You will dig deep to understand who God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are and why it is so essential to understand them and relate to them personally to begin building a solid spiritual life.

Volume 2: Understanding Sin, Salvation, and Your Faith

Building upon the block of the Trinity, this volume speaks directly to each of us in regards to our spiritual status in our relationship with God. Understanding who we are and who we are not is critical to how we relate to God in a Biblical way, beginning now and into eternity.

Volume 3: Knowing His Truth Practically

Once we are sure of who God is, as well as who we are in relationship to Him, we will now build toward our on-going relationship and communication with Him. Knowing the Bible and understanding prayer and other means of communication are critical for the next foundational life stage.

Volume 4: Applying His Truth in Action

How do we relate with others in our life? This volume walks you through how to relate with His church, His people, those who are lost (non-Christians), as well as other practical Christian practices that continue to build us into a God-honoring person for today and into the future.