Hannah Stevenson

Hannah StevensonHannah Stevenson started working with globalLead as a temp in November of 2021 (after telling Chris Davis that she did not have the necessary skills). It turns out she was wrong, as God surprised us all by revealing her gift for administration. The longer she’s spent working with globalLead, the more we’ve marveled at His timing and providence in bringing her on board. She has since gladly transitioned into an ever-evolving but permanent role at the International Office.

She wears many different hats at globalLead, but they all fall under the category of administrative assistant. She serves as Chris Davis’ personal assistant and is therefore responsible for organizing all of his travel needs (budgets, flight itineraries, accommodations, etc.), scheduling his meetings, keeping track of timelines, grades from classes he teaches, spreadsheets that have been neglected for far too long, and any inter-ministry collaboration. She is also involved in communications–delivering praise & prayer as well as trip updates, updating globalLead’s social media, upkeeping the website, promoting seminars, and writing and editing blog posts. She is also now included in project and curriculum development. As of September 2023, she is spearheading the development of globalLead’s online training project and assisting in the revision of our Heart of The Leader seminar materials.

As a result, you won’t often see her face in ministry pictures or her name in ministry updates, but you had better believe she had a hand in coordinating the chaos that is called ministry. She loves working in the background and doing as much as possible to make others’ roles in the ministry as easy as possible.

She thinks often of Scripture and soul care and, on her days off, can be found writing about them, simplifying Biblical truths for ministers and laypersons alike. In her work as a writer and as an administrative assistant for globalLead, she fulfills her calling to “make things make sense,” whether through explanation or organization. You’ll find many of her writings on the globalLead blog and her personal blog. She works remotely and lives in Greenwood, SC with her husband, Mark.

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