Europe Ministry

The Continent in Focus

The spread of the Protestant Reformation, c. 16th century.

The most recent focus of globalLead has been training in Europe. Once the thriving seat of Christianity and the birthplace of the Reformation, today, much of modern Europe has turned away from its Christian roots and has become spiritually “post-Christian.” Everywhere you go, there is rising religious apathy. Many Europeans have become atheists, agnostics, or do not identify with a particular religion at all. Magnificent cathedral halls that used to accommodate faithful church-goers are now filled with tourists and spectators. Early Bibles that were printed and distributed all over the continent are collecting dust in attics. Flags that once proudly show their Christian heritage no longer hold value in the nations’ spiritual life.

Over the last 100 years, Europe is the only continent where the church has not seen growth. In fact, for a very long time now, Biblical Christianity in Europe has been on a downward trajectory. Only a small percentage of the almost 750 million Europeans belong to Evangelical Christianity.

23% of people groups in Europe are unreached.

This percentage is greater than that of the continents of North America, South America, and Africa combined. 

The Lausanne Movement in Europe believes that the continent is perhaps the greatest challenge for the Christian mission. More missionaries are needed to support the remaining church in Europe to arrest its decline and turn it around. globalLead wants to make an impact in Europe by serving local church leaders through long-term training and mentoring.

Nations Reached So Far

Two churches, one in Belgium and the other in Austria, became the first to go through the Church Ministry Strategy curriculum. Both churches experienced significant impact through the training and mentoring.  So much so that they requested further trainings. The leaders in the local church in Belgium asked for training in preparing expository sermons and the one in Austria requested training in evangelism. Trainings in Europe are ongoing for both churches.

Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, and the UK

This February 2021, we conducted a Youth Ministry Strategy Training for youth ministry leaders in Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, and the UK. Plans are also underway to run a Heart of the Leader program for Converge Global Youth Movement and the Youth Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance either virtually this year or on-site in Europe next year. Pray with us that the Lord will open more doors in other countries. For now, we are limited to using Zoom and Google Classroom as our training platforms. In the future, we can return to face-to-face training.

The Story of globalLead Europe

Nixon Echavez is the new Regional Director for globalLead Europe. He may have been prepared by the Lord long before his appointment. When the Lord sent him to Europe to pursue further theological education, he also ministered to churches in almost a dozen countries. In his travels, he has seen some of the most amazing views and scenic spots. Yet, he was also disturbed in his spirit by the spiritual darkness that engulfed the continent. Gradually, a burden developed in his heart for the people of this land.

In front of the Berlaymont building, headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium

globalLead plans to help send the Echavez family to Europe. Nixon and his wife, Lhei, are preparing themselves and their four children to relocate in 2022. Please pray for them as they seek God’s direction as to the specific country to establish a base for globalLead and the process of acquiring the appropriate visas for the family. Ask the Lord to open many nations in Europe for globalLead so many church leaders will be equipped to lead their ministries and engage their communities effectively.


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