Heart of the Leader

heart-of-the-leader-logo-300pxThe Heart of the Leader is a conference-like journey for leaders in ministry. Too many conferences are geared only toward the skills versus the heart. In addition, too many Christian leaders are leaving the ministry due to burnout, stress, conflict, etc… David speaks of the need for both of these areas in our life to be engaged and fully functioning, “So he shepherded them according to the integrity of his heart, and guided them with his skillful hands.” How is your heart? If the following questions are true of you, consider this opportunity!

    • Do you ever feel alone? Even in a crowded ministry setting?
    • Are you lacking contentment?
    • Is it possible that life and ministry have “clogged your spiritual arteries”?
    • Do you know that you have a calling and purpose, but lack passion and energy to continue?
    • Do you feel as if you often fake it in ministry?

What Other Pastors and Church Leaders Are Saying:

“I thank God for this time of refreshing by using Heart of the Leader as a way of facing my fears and doubts. People around me think I am strong but inside I am falling apart. I am honored that God brought me this to guide me towards healing.”

“I didn’t realize how lost and overwhelmed I had been for a long-time until I attended Heart of the Leader. What a blessing it was to open up about aches and disappointments that I could not possibly deal with anywhere else.”

“If I had not attended the Heart of the Leader then I could have been in a burn out situation by now.”

If you have others in your life that fit the requirements of this journey, you will want them to sign-up. Here are the requirements for yourself and others:

      • 5 years in ministry (any position is ok…not just youth ministry)
      • Called to full-time ministry (any position is ok…not just youth ministry)
      • Home church/pastor referral
      • 25 years old or older in age
      • Commit to at least two, 5-day gatherings (journeys) at your expense. Plus regular online or local interactions in between gatherings.
      • Commit to assignments/books 4-6 in total.
      • Commit to developing fellowship with other participants and mentors.
      • Also, know that there may be an application process involved in order to ensure you are qualified for this journey.

We are excited about this incredible journey we will take together! Be sure that our staff has selected wonderful relaxing venues for you and your spouse to relax, learn and share about life and ministry.

Feel free to contact us by filling out the Contact Us form on the home page to hear about future opportunities.