Explore the ministry of Christ and Scripture for transferable principles.


Create unified goals, approach, and vision for all your church’s ministry leaders


 Learn from and work with other leaders, cross-culturally and in similar contexts


Move from theory to practice by implementing your personalized take-home plan

Follow Up

Evaluate successes/ challenges at follow-up trainings


Duplicate the training locally to mentor and equip more leaders for the Gospel
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We, at globalLead, saw there were hundreds of training opportunities available for pastors but noticed unfortunate trends and dynamics that could hinder the impact of these seminars and classes.

Have you noticed that most church leadership/ ministry team trainings:

  • Are for pastors only and deal with how to lead, but do not focus on team leadership?
  • Are typically from another country or borrowed from a “successful” church program elsewhere, which doesn’t always adapt to local settings well?
  • Tend to be based on large church examples and are not transferable to all ministry settings?
  • Typically only focus on one ministry area of evangelism, family, teaching, etc… versus a holistic ministry approach?
  • Rarely have actions and goals connected to principles?
  • Have little to no follow-up?
  • Are led by outsiders versus those with a local ministry, language, and cultural background?

At globalLead, we’ve taken a different approach.

Because we have been training leaders since 1996 from over 50 countries, we have developed training programs for church leadership teams led by local pastors and leaders.

Our dynamic trainings and seminars:

  • HOTL 2015-0 (59)Are based upon the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and Biblical principles … so they are transferable to any location, any church size, and any setting.
  • Help teams develop a take-home plan throughout the training so leaders can begin implementation right away.
  • Are a time to bring together all of your key church ministry teams and leaders so you are on the same page, using the same model for ministry. This creates a unified church approach versus a “silo” ministry approach.
  • Honor the Biblical role of the families you will partner with in ministry.Nepal April 2014 (5)
  • Provide time for you to learn from other leaders in your context both formally and informally.
  • Are typically led by local church leaders.
  • Set in place a multiplication system so the training can be duplicated locally in your church, region, denomination, and continent for maximum impact.
  • Provide follow-up trainings to allow time for leaders to evaluate successes and challenges from their initial action plans alongside their trainers and peers.

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“This seminar has equipped me with the tangible and logistical methods to not only be an effective ministry leader but to be a ministry leader that trains and prepares future ministry leaders.”

Nick Butto, Akron, Ohio

“This seminar encouraged me to be more and do more for the Great Commission.”

Marvie Escana, Philippines

“This training helped me in setting goals and making plans for the church. Another blessed area was the steps of Discipleship and Leadership. I will labor in discipleship and developing leadership areas so that the needs of leaders may be fulfilled in my church. I was so blessed!”

Goma Dara, Nepal