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World Gospel Mission Kenya exists for many purposes but our primary goal is to expand and develop the Africa Gospel Church here in East Africa. To accomplish this, we have as one of our main focuses to do leadership training. We partner with our national church to provide and assist in the training of its leaders at all levels for future ministry. Chris Davis was a student at Dallas Theological Seminary when I met him in 1995. He distinguished himself as a leader among students and was given teaching assistant responsibilities during his final year of studies. He was burdened with the fact that one-half of the world’s population is under the age of 25 with one-third under the age of 18. Missionaries from many different denominations have taken the Gospel of Jesus Christ all across the globe. However, few of those mission organizations have specifically targeted this huge “global people group” called youth.

The youth of today’s church have often been neglected in church development, especially in missions. If we are to have a dynamic church we must not overlook our young people.

Since 1998 WGM has asked the staff of globalLead to come and help us train our national youth leaders. Africa Gospel Church has more than 1400 churches here in Kenya. These churches can be found throughout the country in rural areas, in urban centers like Nairobi, or in developing areas like Maasai. The needs of the youth in each of these areas are very different. globalLead has been able to adapt the seminars to meet the needs of young people from each of these different cultures.

The level of training that globalLead has provided has been excellent and it is making a difference in our church. Some of these have been through the two levels of training that globalLead provides and are now assisting in the training seminars. I am happy and excited to recommend this training and globalLead to any church or mission organization.”

Terry M. Duncan
World Gospel Mission


“Global trends in aging are evident and troublesome but beckon Christian action. While the rich and older in the West number in the millions, the younger and poorer grow in the non-West, in the billions. Trained pastors form a minuscule percentage of pastoral leaders in weaker economies, and those who envision and implement an impactful youth ministry are fewer still.  The burden that God has placed in Chris Davis’ heart toward developing youth-oriented pastors and churches is strategic, focused, and realizable. Our own ministry seeks to employ the personnel and materials of globalLead as a significant part of strengthening pastoral leaders worldwide. I commend him to your keenest consideration in thoughtful partnership.

Ramesh Richard, Th.D., Ph.D.
Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary
President, Ramesh Richard Evangelism and Church Helps (RREACH) International Plano, Texas

“Upon graduation from DTS [Dallas Theological Seminary], Chris shared his vision with me for starting a ministry that would train youth leaders around the world to do the work of youth ministry. I was excited to hear his ministry plan, but I am more excited than ever to see the fruitfulness of his labor for Jesus Christ around the world.

Chris founded globalLead in 1996 to help meet the huge challenge of evangelizing the lost youth of our world through properly trained youth leaders. God has truly blessed globalLead over the last seven years. His hand can be clearly seen in the thousands of lives that have been changed through its ministry. Chris has remained faithful to the vision God gave him. He is continually looking for open doors of opportunity all over the globe where youth leaders who desire quality training are seeking his assistance. I believe that God is going to continue to bless the ministry of globalLead because of the faithfulness of one man who had a vision of what God could do through his obedience.

Please consider the training opportunities made available through globalLead. Your church’s leaders and your youth will never be the same.”

Jay L. Sedwick, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Christian Education
Dallas Theological Seminary

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United by common vision and values, the Global Youth Coalition engages in unleashing a global, Gospel-centered movement of Christ-like, disciple-making, multiplying ministries among younger generation leaders to reach 2.3 billion young people. We train the trainers by equipping local church youth ministry leaders in biblical strategies through partnerships with new and existing ministries.

The combined experience and results of the GYC ministries tell the story of the Lord’s faithfulness in blessing our efforts. We have trained more than 500,000 youth leaders on 5 continents…in 50 countries…with 150 years of experience.

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Gil P. Balignasay, TOPIC Philippines National Coordinator


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Bishop Noel Alba Pantoja, National Director of PCEC


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A movement of Christlike leaders and partner ministries committed to developing and reproducing leaders to live and lead like Jesus.


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