globalLead is always involved in special projects that need additional support beyond our normal budget. In the past, we have assisted with typhoon relief and earthquake relief directly through our staff to enable them to share Christ.

Currently, we are working on the following projects:

Continental Summits

At Continental Summits, we can gather all of the staff and key leaders of that region to further train and encourage them to train others. These get-togethers are essential to the leadership and unity of globalLead.


Sponsor-a-Country funds are needed for us to expand the work. We have many new contacts waiting for us to expand our working partnership into their country. We need seed money to help get the work started as this typically requires leaders traveling from outside their country as trainers over the first years of the planting of globalLead into a location.

Heart of a Leader Scholarships

Our Heart of the Leader training is a ministry to care for current pastors and ministers. This work is a great investment as it helps leaders be strengthened so that they can continue ministry for a lifetime. The exponential impact of a healthy Christian leader is phenomenal.


The Water4Life Project assists GYMN Nepal to provide clean water wells for needy villages in Nepal, lifting up the physical well-being of the community while also opening a door to care for the spiritual well-being of the locals.

Book Underwriting

 Our Book Underwriting funds are needed to assist us in developing and printing books we have already created as well as funding additional projects. These books are used to train leaders and empower cross-cultural discipleship.

The sale of these books can also generate funding within a country for further ministry.

Staff Training

Staff training is needed to continue to grow the current staff in their life and ministry skills. There is no greater way to encourage a globalLead staff person than to invest in them this way.

For more details on these projects email us through our Contact Us form on the home page or to make a donation go to the donate page, specifying the fund you’d like your gift to go to.

Your support of our projects allows us to expand the ministry without taking funds from the already committed general operating budget.