Today, we want to update you on both a convergence and concurrence that is happening in the ministry of globalLead in Kenya, Africa.

Our teams are working there for our Heart of the Leader ministry (Christ-Centered soul care for Christian leaders). Leaders converged from multiple nations and continents for this event. Countries represented include the Philippines, New Zealand, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, and the USA! We praise God for the global impact we get to have together.

Not only are leaders converging, but we offered our first-ever concurrent Heart of the Leader event at the end of February. Participating were leaders from last year’s Part 1, who completed their Part 2, while new invitees completed their Part 1. In the photo above, you’ll see me leading a virtual session for our leaders… but out of over 15 sessions taking place that week, I myself led only 2! Since we focus on multiplication in all we do, God has enabled us to multiply speakers and mentors to provide for this concurrent expansion (as you can see in the pictures here)!





Thank you for your prayers and support/currency!

(I simply couldn’t resist using another “c” in this message!)