Map of the Reformation in EuropeYou might know that Europe was where the Protestant Reformation started and as a result, you may think Europe is predominantly Christian.

That is far from true. 

Watch this short video in which Chris shares about his upcoming trip to Austria and Hungary and why Pastor Nixon Echavez’s European ministry with globalLead is so essential.

That’s right: Europe is one of the least-reached regions in the world today. Less than 1% of the population of Austria, the first country I’ll be visiting, is Christian, and Austria is no exception. According to Joshua Project, only 2.9% of the European population identifies as Evangelical Christians.

That’s the smallest percentage out of ALL of the continents.

“Why Europe?” you may ask. “Obedience to serve where there is great need,” we answer.

By training pastors and ministry leaders for healthier and more strategic ministries, we fulfill our calling to “go and make disciples of all nations.”