Online Ministry Training

globalLead now offers our Church Ministry Team Strategy Training and Heart of the Leader Conferences in an online format!

We will continue to develop these ministry trainings and seminars in order to provide greater accessibility to leaders around the world. Explore the tabs below to learn more about this option.

If you are interested in any future iterations of these trainings, please use the Contact Us Form or send us a message on our Facebook page.

Our Church Ministry Team Strategy Training is now in an online format. Click here for a link to the description of the Ministry Team training.


We use a combination of the Zoom Video Platform and Google Classroom.

There are 4 Zoom Video Meetings, one every two weeks (e.g. August 31, September 14 & 28, and October 12). Due to the international nature of these trainings, times for these Zoom meetings will be negotiated based on time zones. (For example, a meeting at 7-8:30am US Eastern Time would be 2-3:30pm East Africa Time and 7-8:30pm Philippine Time.)

The main lessons of globalLead strategy will be taught in Google Classroom. The schedule for when you use it will depend entirely on you, as sessions will be made available throughout the week.

The following is an example schedule, to give you an idea of how the training will go:

Week 1
Zoom MeetingAugust 31
 Classroom Session 1Classwork Due Thursday, Sept. 3
 Classroom Session 2Classwork Due Sunday, Sept. 6
Week 2
Classroom Session 3Classwork Due Thursday, Sept. 10
 Classroom Session 4Classwork Due Sunday, Sept. 13
Week 3
Zoom MeetingSeptember 14
 Classroom Session 5Classwork Due Thursday, Sept. 17
 Classroom Session 6Classwork Due Sunday, Sept. 20
Week 4
Classroom Session 7Classwork Due Tuesday, Sept. 22
 Classroom Session 8Classwork Due Thursday, Sept. 24
 Classroom Session 9Classwork Due Sunday, Sept. 27
Week 5
Zoom MeetingSeptember 28
 Classroom Session 10Classwork Due Thursday, Oct. 1
 Classroom Session 11Classwork Due Sunday, Oct. 4
Week 6
Classroom Session 12Classwork Due Thursday, Oct. 8
 Classroom Session 13Classwork Due Sunday, Oct. 11
Week 7Zoom Meeting

October 12



If you are interested in any future iterations of this training, please use the Contact Us form.

Our online Heart of the Leader seminars are currently in the development and funding stage.

We do, however, offer hybrid HotL trainings in some locations. Our staff and teams have begun to use an approach where we meet ahead of and after a retreat for multiple online sessions with participants, and we will meet for 3 to 4 days face-to-face.

Our online Youth Ministry Trainings are currently in the development and funding stage. We are excited, however, that a generous friend of the organization who is interested in this project has offered us a matching grant to fund its development! Praise God!

The development of this project would position us to train at least 800 additional youth ministry leaders per year! Our curriculum has traditionally been done in a face-to-face format over 3 full days/22 hours of trainings. This online version will allow us to utilize various creative delivery methods, spread over time and not limited by cost and time of participants.

We have discovered many youth ministry leaders globally do not have the resources or time to attend face-to-face training. This development of online training will overcome the problems of: 

  • the cost of transportation for the trainers and the participants,
  • housing and meal expenses, and
  • loss of wages due to time away from their full-time employment

And the project will have the added benefits of: 

  • flexibility to learn and apply pieces of training when available (We have discovered retention and implementation of training increases in online training environments because leaders can take their time),
  • spreading out training in bite-size chunks for better learning,
  • immediate on-the-ground implementation, and
  • enabling cross-cultural learning and missional community beyond borders by allowing participants from various countries to collaborate

This project would allow us together to impact approximately 40,000 more youth annually and see approximately 16,000 additional youth come to Christ annually through the newly-trained leaders. The recorded training would also assist us in further training and multiplying our expanding training team globally from 100 to 275 trainers, over the next 5 years, which will multiply our impact exponentially.

If you’re interested in supporting this project, please visit our Matching Grant page.