Leaders at our Heart of the Leader training, hungry for the Lord and embracing Scripture as foundational

Have you ever wondered why people flocked to the wilderness to see John the Baptist?

It wasn’t simply for the novelty of seeing a man who ate locusts, wore uncomfortable clothing, and preached feverishly. It was for a reason much greater.

You see, these people had heard ancient stories passed down from their great-great-great grandparents and read aloud to them in Temple. These were stories of men who cried out in the streets, challenged kings, lived as outcasts, and most importantly, spoke for their God. Then suddenly they heard about a man in their day—acting erratically, stirring up trouble, preaching repentance, and declaring “the kingdom of heaven is at hand!” (Luke 3:1-20; Matthew 3:1-12)—and they began to wonder if maybe, just maybe, God was speaking to His people again.

Due to Israel’s disobedience, God had been silent for 400 years, just as He said He would be if they persisted in their sin. But the faithful among His people never stopped being hungry for His Word to return and be present. So, of course, they leapt at the chance to listen to one through whom God was speaking with divine power and inciting holy dread and repentance.

My friend, the world is starving again, starving for the knowledge and presence of our Lord. And, while He may no longer speak through the voices of men, He has given us the sufficient and final treasure we call the Bible.

As followers of Christ, we must champion this gift, and as a ministry, we must rely on Scripture as foundational for both our practices and teachings.

Join us in thanking God that each member of globalLead’s leadership is committed to Biblical principles above all else, and pray we continue to treasure Scripture as the focus for decades to come.