The Gift, The Gifted, and The Go!

At Christmas time, we often think of the Gift (Christ’s arrival), the Gifted (who we are because of what He has done), and the Go (our responsibility as a result). These are three key components of every Christmas celebration.

Like a three-legged stool, if any one of these parts is missing, it holds no weight. For the ministry of globalLead to happen, it also takes three key components: gifts from you, the gifted ones (staff and volunteers who use their spiritual gifts to serve others), and the action of going to take the Gospel of Christ to the nations. Allow me to update you on each of these areas of your ministry!

The Gift

Any impactful ministry like globalLead requires gifts of financial support from people like yourself. We have been blessed over the years to watch God provide through individuals, churches, businesses, and foundations for the ministry to move forward. However, I need to share with you that we are in critical need of support. We need $29,000 to finish the year at budget. If we cannot finish this year at or above budget, we’ll need to seriously consider restricting our ministry for 2024: reducing locations reached, trainings offered, and staff hours. 

Beyond that, we need to increase our monthly support by $1,000 per month so we can sustain and grow the ministry. Will you take time to pray about what part you can play? 

Interested in Giving?

The Gifted

At globalLead, we have an incredibly gifted staff and team of volunteers! I often have people ask me: “How did you find such a good team?” My reply is this: “God sends them to us.” We have invested decades toward caring for leaders in various countries, and often, these pastors and volunteers desire to come onto our full-time staff.

God has also blessed us with many like-minded volunteers who offer time and resources and act as trainers, office staff, and technology teams. This gifted team has produced massive amounts of ministry impact this year of 2023. This year alone we have trained 1,630 ministry leaders from 22 countries. We are adding to the number of trainers and mentors on a regular basis.

The Go

The reason we pair the gifts you provide with the gifted globalLead teams is because we are purposed with going to the nations as Jesus commanded in the Great Commission. As you see from the statistics for 2023 and from the photos throughout this newsletter, we have been going. We also have some God-ordained, new opportunities in the works.

Nixon Echavez and I recently attended the Global Proclamation Congress where we met and spoke to over 600 delegates from 73 countries about globalLead’s ministry. From this event, we have discussions on-going with leaders from Africa (Rwanda), South America (Colombia), Central America (Guatemala), Europe (UK and Romania), and Asia (Sri Lanka and India). We are ready to go as far as you will send us with your support.

Online Ministry Training Update

We have been diligently raising funds to launch an online training platform—first for youth ministry leaders and then for every curriculum of globalLead. We are happy to announce that we have met our goal of $12,500 through your support! The foundation has provided their matching amount, and we have already begun some initial fully online trainings.

We do this because many locations globally are difficult to reach and do not welcome trainings for multiplying Christian leaders. But through the Internet, we can still train these dear and, often, persecuted leaders. Across the globe, most ministry leaders are volunteers or part-time, so enabling them to be trained without leaving their work and income source will be an extra great blessing to those who were unable to receive training in the past!

Additionally, the online trainings is a way to further train our trainers. Many who have received our trainings in the past will benefit from an updated version, now presented in a format enabling them to watch it over and over at their pace, ensuring they are prepared to teach it with accuracy!

Thank you for praying for and supporting this important endeavor. Join us in praising God for the Gift, the Gifted, and the Go!