This Friday, I [Chris Davis] will be traveling from the Heart of the Leader conference in Nairobi, Kenya to Brussels, Belgium. There, I will work alongside Pastor Nixon Echavez to meet with over a dozen pastors, youth pastors, and key leaders for the continent of Europe. There will be four European countries represented in person at this gathering (Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, and the UK) but that doesn’t account for those who will be attending via the internet.

This gathering is critical to the next steps in building Nixon’s team and getting trainings out for this continent. 

Nixon, who is originally from the Philippines, is hoping to move his family to Brussels this year… and you might wonder why.

The truth is, this continent is desperately unreached.

Over the last 100 years, Europe is the only continent where the church has not seen growth. In fact, Biblical Christianity in Europe has been in decline, and Evangelical Christians represent only 2.5 percent of the population, which is currently at 749 million. That is 18.75 million remaining believers in the once-thriving seat of Christianity and the birthplace of the Reformation…over 36% of the countries in Europe have less than 1% Evangelicals (7th edition, Operation World, Jason Mandryk, 2010.) This statistic means that over 36% of the countries in Europe are, by definition, unreached–i.e. less than 2% Evangelical Christians. Europe is unreached.

While Nixon has been training and mentoring ministry leaders from Europe virtually, by moving to Belgium, he is trusting God’s provision, both for financial support and for a fruitful ministry. Please be praying with us that it is a productive meeting with these individuals as we begin to lay the groundwork.

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