Have you ever found yourself hungry for a certain food? Maybe even craving that food to the point that you would travel out of your way to get it? I have done this at times. Especially for my favorite ice cream brand or that famous Cincinnati-style flavored chili.

Aside from the hunger for food, allow me to introduce to you a hungry Christian leader who was craving God’s Word and training in ministry. Meet Temesgen Adisu. I met Temesgen recently during a three-day training event in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Temesgen was not from this capital city of Addis, he was from a remote area in Walaga region. Temesgen was a great student-leader to have in our midst. Over coffee (something else I will go out of my way for), Temesgen shared with me that he traveled 2 full days by bus just to get to the 3 day training. Did you catch that? He traveled a total of 4 days to receive 3 days of training.

Temesgen is a hungry leader! I am so glad that we train hungry leaders. I am also glad that we do not provide full handouts to meet their hunger. Leaders who are hungry are willing to invest something into the trainings. The leaders we train are asked to invest their time and their resources for the trainings (we often invest a portion into the events as well). Why is that so important? We want to be sure we are not casting our training before those who have no investment. No investment often means no ownership or results. Quite the opposite occurs when hungry leaders thirst for trainings and His Biblical principles for their ministry. These leaders produce fruit in their lives in ministry.

Thank you for helping us to serve these committed leaders around the globe!