At globalLead we have three methods of payment available for your donations.


electronic_givingThe best option is to sign up for our auto payment through your bank. Simply download and fill out this form and email it or send it in to our office. Just like you have monthly bills, we have on-going support needs. This method of on-going, auto deducted support provides for a seamless way for you to support on a regular basis. In addition, this method saves you postage as well. Electronic Giving Form


The next convenient method of support is to use PayPal. This method allows you to connect your support topaypal_donate_now be done through your generated PayPal account. You can also set this transaction to be on a regular basis for your convenience. PayPal does deduct a small transaction amount of 3% before we receive these funds, so please keep that in mind if you are donating a specific amount. You may select the option to add the processing fee to your donation. We have set up each missionary to have their own PayPal link under their missionary page on this site. You can also donate directly through this link provided to the right.


mail_donation_optionWe can also receive your donations via mail to the globalLead office. Please list any designation for the funds on your check or on another enclosed sheet of paper. Our office mailing address is as follows for donations to any of the staff and ministry funds. Note that in order to receive tax deductions donations must be done through the international office location.


Mailing Address:
675 Straub Rd W Ste 2
Mansfield, Ohio 44904

For all donations please tell us:

1.) If the donation is a monthly or regular commitment?
2.) Your name and mailing address, so we can keep you updated.
3.) Your email address if you would like OCCASIONAL updates to be sent by this method.
4.) If the donation is for a specific staff person or project, please note this accordingly on the check or in a note.


All donations are tax-deductible in order with IRS specifications for 501c3 non-profits. For questions regarding donations fill out the Contact Us Form.