Electronic Giving


It is our work together, that enables us to continue to

impact young people around the globe!


At GYMN, we have been able to manage to reach one young person with every 94¢ that you donate. We believe this is an incredible return on your investment.

Monthly Support:
By donating to GYMN on a monthly or regular basis, we are able to handle the on-going regular expenses of seminars, travel, etc… This support puts us in a position to minister to the wonderful youth leaders around the world. A consistent commitment to regular giving allows GYMN to not only have a steady ministry but a ministry that can plan ahead in order to fund all of the expansion efforts that we are endeavoring to develop.

One-Time Support:
Some individuals are able to give a one-time donation, or to make a donation annually. These donations help us pick additional and specific projects and locations to invest in. We are always seeking to expand our work into new locations and one of the factors we have to look to are the donations that are available above and beyond the regular monthly support. On several occasions we have debated about a trip to a new country, but by faith we proceeded, only to receive a large one-time donation in the next couple of days that cover the amount of the expansion.


How Do I Make an Electronic Donation?

Simply complete and send the electronic giving form to:

globalLead International Office

675 Straub Rd W Ste 2

Mansfield, Ohio 44904

All donations are tax-deductible in order with IRS specifications for 501c3 non-profits.



For questions regarding donations contact us through our Information Request Form.