Bangladesh youth leaders highly engaged in recent trainings led by Global Youth Ministry Network.

There are two approaches to take when it comes to offering trainings for youth and church leaders globally. One is to accept almost every invitation for a training event. The other is to insure the partners you work with are: 1.) Strategic influencers 2.) That the host understands the long-term potential impact (versus a one-time only event). We always look for hosts who are interested in a long-term, far reaching ministry impact. One way we describe this strategy is with our seminar levels (or steps). Each of the paragraphs below refer to our steps in ministry development in different locations globally.

Our work in Ethiopia began back in 2012, with our current partner. Sure it has taken some patient work and diligent discussions, but it is great to

Workneh Dawit oversees the youth ministry for 7000 churches in Ethiopia and leads the GYMN trainings for his country.

Workneh Dawit oversees the youth ministry for 7000 churches in Ethiopia and leads the GYMN trainings for his country.

see that we have a partner who understands the beauty 
of long-term multiplication versus only a one-time event. Our Kenya based Africa team recently finished a training of 65 leaders in Ethiopia. Not only did they train this group, but they also worked with the host to select three Ethiopian trainers. Just a few weeks after our Kenyan team had returned home, the Ethiopian leaders carried out their very first locally run training of 58 leaders! This is the exciting phase of the ministry to see take place. Once local leaders own the trainings, then they can impact their country and beyond. Our role then changes from being the main trainers to being the ones who encourage, assist and lead them in planning for the future impact. Our Ethiopian group has the potential to impact over 7000 churches. This great leadership team is well on its way up the steps.

Bangladesh is a small Asian country surrounded almost totally by India. This highly Muslim country is home to 164 million people of which 99.3% are considered non-Christian. The need here is tremendous and our teams are taking the next steps to continue to provide local leaders for ministry in their local languages. Jomesh Tamang, the Northwest Asia GYMN Director, recently trained our first group of Level 2 leaders in Bangladesh. Together with the host, Alfred Biplob, they selected a team of local trainers as well. It was exciting to see that while Jomesh was in Bangladesh, Bishal Gurung, (GYMN Nepal Training Coordinator) was busy leading a training (without Jomesh) in Pohkara, the second biggest city in Nepal! The work continues to multiply globally.

One of the updates from another training in Nepal allowed us to hear from Bala Ghale, who is a youth leader at Valche Church, that attended our recent Level 1 training in Kahule, Nuwakot, Nepal:

Bala Ghale (left) with Jomesh Tamang, GYMN NW Asia Director (right)

Bala Ghale (left) with Jomesh Tamang, GYMN NW Asia Director (right)

We have over 150 young people in our youth ministry where our Church congregation is over 1200. I am a youth leader in the Church but I have never been to this kind of training that teaches us how to do youth ministry. I have been to many bible trainings and leadership trainings but have never been to one that only focuses on youth ministry. This training has been eye opening to the areas we need to cover in the youth ministry and how to lead youth step by step in orderto make them leaders.” – Bala Ghale

In another region our wonderful Kenya team of Nick Korir and Martha Sijenyi were busy overseeing the trainings and planning times in Kenya and Uganda. The Embu, Kenya training was a Level 2 training with 79 partici- pants. In addition to the work in Kenya and Uganda our team also sent Kenya trainers, Morris Opati and Jackson Maina to lead the before mentioned training in Ethiopia.

You have heard us always mention different levels of trainings. We are continuing to expand our work globally by adding a Level 4 or what we call: Heart of the Leader. This is a two part event that helps experienced leaders be positioned to run the long-haul marathon of life and ministry. These are not “how to” events, they are, “how are you doing personally?”, events. These gatherings help us to be available at GYMN to pastor other pastors and leaders and provide encouragement and personal spiritual guidance. We are excited to do retreat one starting October 24th (retreat two will be in July, 2015). Our Southeast Asia team in the Philippines asked to take the lead in continuing this ministry. We should have leaders from several countries attending! Please pray for the necessary finances and details to come together for all of the invited participants.

Thank you for the steps you take in prayer and financial support, not just monthly but above and beyond in additional offerings as well!