(Ministry-wide Staff Meeting)

As we begin to have a few more days of sunshine and somewhat warmer temperatures, we know that spring is just around the corner. Spring brings us a feeling of new growth as trees bud and flowers bloom. At globalLead it is springtime as well. God has been growing your ministry as His light shines on a somewhat dark season globally by opening up many new training opportunities for your ministry.

  • Your Europe ministry team led by Nixon Echavez just started an online that included leaders from Austria, Belgium, Canada, Qatar, the Philippines, and Switzerland!
  • Your Northwest Asia team in Nepal just finished face-to-face training with over 80 participants from very remote areas in Nepal.
  • Your Africa team has established some key partnerships for trainings.
  • The International Office, in Ohio and PA, have been working on implementing a new software system (led by Jack Dyson) to more efficiently serve our donors.
  • Our local and global teams are very close to rolling out our first published book/workbook for youth (and adults), titled: Foundations for Life!

Your support and prayers are like the nutrients that flowers need to bloom and grow! Thank you for your investment in His globally growing ministry!