In the country of Ethiopia, East Africa, where I (Chris) recently ministered, I have seen your support multiply substantially. The main work in Ethiopia was to teach a master’s degree course in youth ministry to 16 top ministry leaders. As part of the coursework we require that the participants take what they learned during the week (our globalLead Level 1 materials) and set up their own training. What better way to help these quality leaders continue to fully grasp the ministry, mentoring, and multiplication methods of Jesus than to go and teach their own local disciples what Jesus had taught His!

A recent update from two of the students shows that they trained an additional 22 leaders! (The picture above is from training in Addis Ababa; picture below is training in a Mursi tribal village.) If the same ratio continues for the class, then the 16 trainers will produce 176 trained leaders. Our estimates show that on average each leader impacts 20 people for Christ annually, so we could easily see 3,520 people eternally impacted. This is only the beginning of the ministry, mentoring, and multiplication work that is being done in one of the 20 plus countries we hope to serve this year! All of this ministry is done efficiently, with cultural understanding by local leaders. This is true Christ-centered, eternal multiplication that you get to support!