GL Postcard Final Front with cut marks

Life is full of changes. Many times these changes are for good. When a family adds a child to their family we all celebrate the new life and the expanding family. I know in our family, our son Levi, brings a wonderful personality and sense of humor to who we are as a growing family that did not exist before his birth.

Our ministry is adding some additional areas for deeper and wider impact globally. In order to better communicate this growth in ministry opportunities, we are changing our name to be globalLead. We are officially adding some new ministry areas that we have been piloting over the last few years. We are adding training for all church leaders. We have seen that the timeless Biblical principles that we have trained youth leaders to follow are precious for all church leaders to implement as well. In fact, many of those we have trained over the years are now using the principles as pastors for themselves and their ministry teams!

“Global Youth Ministry Network is now globalLead.”

Another burning question we have been asking is, “Who is pastoring the pastors and top church leaders?” We have seen there is a deep thirst in the life of these top-level leaders to be further engaged with others with similar joys and challenges. In these unique conferences, we offer secure camaraderie, spiritual refreshing and help them plan ways to insure they stay healthy in all areas of their life.

We will continue to serve youth ministry leaders with specific trainings as we add these additional opportunities for all church ministry leaders. Together we train and lead those who are ministering, mentoring and multiplying. Thank you for praying with us and walking with us in partnership so we can expand into these new ministry areas.