Although we are so very busy around the world as the globalLead team, we are putting a very high focus on prayer this year. In studying the life of Jesus, it is amazing that he had to insist on time to be in prayer with His Father. Even his disciples tried to pull him away from times of engagement, refreshing, and wisdom-seeking prayer. One author paraphrased Peter’s words to Jesus this way, “What are you doing here when you should be in the midst of the multitude who are clamoring for you (Mark 1:37).” Jesus would not give in to the demanding pace being imposed on him. He exhibited life and ministry balance. This same author concluded that Jesus finds, “His strength is in prayer through which he affirms his intention to fulfill the will of God.”

As globalLead board, staff, supporters, volunteers, and trainers, we must pray, not just for our own soul care but for the grand ministry that God has set before all of us to engage in. How are you praying these days? May I challenge you to pray for globalLead this year? Our board and staff are committing to pray and fast regularly for the ministry in front of us. How about you?