Online Training

Our Church Ministry Team Strategy Training is now in an online format. Click here for a link to the description of the Ministry Team training.

The following is how the training was set up for the initial run of the online training, which occurred from August 31 through October 12, 2020. If you are interested in any future iterations of this training, please use the Contact Us form.


We will be using a combination of the Zoom Video Platform and Google Classroom. There will be 4 Zoom Video Meetings set for the following dates: August 31, September 14 & 28, and October 12. Time for these will be 7-8:30am US Eastern Time, 2-3:30pm East Africa Time, 7-8:30pm Philippine Time. If you are in another time zone, please adjust accordingly.

The main lessons of globalLead strategy will be taught in Google Classroom. The schedule for when you use it will depend entirely up to you, with sessions being made available throughout the week.

The schedule will be as follows:

What When
Week 1
Zoom Meeting August 31
Classroom Session 1 Classwork Due Thursday, Sept. 3
Classroom Session 2 Classwork Due Sunday, Sept. 6
Week 2
Classroom Session 3 Classwork Due Thursday, Sept. 10
Classroom Session 4 Classwork Due Sunday, Sept. 13
Week 3
Zoom Meeting September 14
Classroom Session 5 Classwork Due Thursday, Sept. 17
Classroom Session 6 Classwork Due Sunday, Sept. 20
Week 4
Classroom Session 7 Classwork Due Tuesday, Sept. 22
Classroom Session 8 Classwork Due Thursday, Sept. 24
Classroom Session 9 Classwork Due Sunday, Sept. 27
Week 5
Zoom Meeting September 28
Classroom Session 10 Classwork Due Thursday, Oct. 1
Classroom Session 11 Classwork Due Sunday, Oct. 4
Week 6
Classroom Session 12 Classwork Due Thursday, Oct. 8
Classroom Session 13 Classwork Due Sunday, Oct. 11
Week 7 Zoom Meeting October 12

How to Sign-up:

Click here to pre-register.

Depending on your country, one of the staff from a nearby office (Southeast Asia, Northwest Asia, Africa, International) will follow up with you regarding payment of the registration fee. Once approved, you will be emailed a link to our first Zoom meeting scheduled for August  27, 2020 at 7-8:30am US Eastern Time, 2-3:30pm East Africa Time, 7pm Philippine Time). If you are in another time zone, please adjust accordingly.

Further detail regarding how to use the Google Classroom will be discussed in the Zoom Meeting.