21753451_10156621074969951_4943753064485244289_oDid you know that globalLead has THREE strategic ministry divisions? Our newest division focuses on the training of entire Ministry Leadership teams (this along with our Youth Ministry and Heart of Leader trainings make up the three divisions currently).

Why would we want to train entire ministry teams? Doesn’t that weaken the specificity of training for each ministry in the church? No! Bringing the entire church’s leadership together in the context of other churches’ ministry teams does several things that other events do not do.

When leaders from one church come to a centralized training, it ensures that they are all on the same page and following the same biblical principles. It also allows leaders from different churches to learn from each other about their specific department in their church. Another added benefit is that it provides a ministry team retreat facilitated for the pastors, so they do not have to create an event, but they can participate and have space to think creatively and strategically with their teams.