Chris Davis and Ministers in Kenya

We are Multiplying Ministers in Kenya!

In January 2020, I (Chris Davis) had the privilege of traveling to Kenya. On this trip, I was able to gather key ministry staff from 5 ministry organizations to lay out for them a Saturation Multiplication vision for their country. I was there representing globalLead and as the ambassador for the Global Youth Coalition (a group of like-minded global youth ministry training organizations that I helped launch). In this gathering, I laid down a simple map of Kenya with all 47 of its counties (similar to our states in the USA). I asked them to discuss among themselves this: “How many of these counties had trained youth ministry leaders in them?” As they later worked on this vision, they found that together the organizations had only trained in 14 counties (29% of the 47 counties).

Fast forward to today as Mark Juma and I work together these groups have now offered training in 39 counties (82% of the countries). This coalition (launched through those in the picture above) plans to impact every county in Kenya by the end of 2022. From that point, the plan will be to multiply trainers and training deep within each county of Kenya—for evangelism and discipleship through churches and if needed, church planting. In the process of this vision coming into reality, I began to see Mark’s leadership and found that he was seeking a full-time ministry position.

Welcome, Mark Juma (pictured to the left) as the newest globalLead Training Coordinator for Kenya!

Mark is also now in the process of raising his funding to fulfill our mutual Saturation Multiplication vision and to raise trainers for all of the globalLead training for pastors and leaders. Please pray for Mark and Jack Dyson, globalLead Director of Operations, as they work on Mark’s fundraising plans so that your ministry in Kenya can continue to expand and ministers in Kenya can multiply.