(The above picture is from training Level 1 Church Ministry Strategy in a restricted country.)

What do you think of when someone says “mix it up?” It could mean the mixing of food or the act of fighting. At globalLead, we are having to mix up things a bit by taking different approaches and mixing them together.

With Covid still raging in other countries and global travel very limited, our international teams are having to mix up their approach from face-to-face trainings back to virtual events in most cases.

Locally, we are able to move around and have a variety of locations in mind to interact with partners. We had gatherings in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee.  We will also be involved with global virtual events monthly hrough January with donors, staff, trainers, volunteers, and event participants.

As globalLead mixes up face-to-face and virtual events around the globe, know that the main ingredient in all that we “mix together” will always be the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ. No matter what we are working on we strive to keep Jesus as the main ingredient that makes the biggest impact. Thank you for being “in the mix” with us for His purposes!