Lokendra Sunar

Lokendra with his wife, Dipa Rasaili, and son, Allen Jung Sen

Meet Lokendra Sunar!

He is 32 years old and his family consists of his wife, Dipa Rasaili, and his son, Allen Jung Sen. Everyone in his family is a believer and he has been serving God as a church pastor for 10 years. During that time, he had the opportunity to work in the social sector as well.

He worked for three years as a program coordinator in Dalit welfare organization for women’s empowerment, awareness against domestic violence, and women’s rights. He also had the opportunity to work against human trafficking and domestic violence as the provincial coordinator of Three Angels Nepal.
He had served as a volunteer in globalLead for five years before coming on staff as the Regional Coordinator of globalLead in Nepal.

Lokendra completed his biblical studies at Nepal Theological College, Kathmandu, and has successfully completed his master’s degree in Secular Rural Development from Midwest University. “Even though I was born in an ordinary family,” he says, “God has blessed me a lot.”

“Many people have been blessed and helped by the trainings and social work conducted by globalLead. Because Nepal is geographically difficult, not all pastor leaders have been able to receive biblical training. But I feel that many people have been blessed because globalLead will reach all areas and provide biblical training to pastors and young leaders. I hope that globalLead training can facilitate the spiritual renewal of many church leaders in Nepal. Amen.”

We are so grateful to God for Lokendra Sunar and his family joining our globalLead team!

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