Abel & Bizuhan Eshetu

“Had I not been born, what would have Ethiopia-and-beyond lost?” is the all-day-long motivation for ministry and commitment of Abel and his family. Abel has been in church leadership and youth development ministry for the last two decades. He has published three books on children and youth ministry while one more youth ministry book is on the way to being published.

Abel’s heart dwells on coaching, mentoring, and training youth leaders and envisions creating tomorrow’s capable leaders. Abel’s major ministry area is teaching and training leaders at all levels.

Abel’s wife Bizuhan is a gifted marriage counselor. Abel and Bizuhan have two girls and a boy: Abigia (13), Bithania (11), and the boy Nazrawi (5). Abel has been leading the largest denomination in Ethiopia on the executive team level and has also been a board member in various church leadership teams. 

As Ethiopia has the second largest population in Africa, with the vast majority comprising the youth group, Abel envisions reaching them via partnerships with churches. To this end, Abel has already developed solid relationships with mega-churches throughout his long-seasoned Ethiopia ministry. Abel enjoys family time at recreation centers and sometimes does aerobics sports. He also enjoys playing guitar.

Abel is excited, honored, and privileged to be on the globalLead team.

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