John & Esther Odhiambo

Meet John Odhiambo – our new Training Coordinator for Africa

My name is John Odhiambo, I am born again and have been in active Christian ministry for the last 22 years. I have been married to Esther for eight years and God has blessed us with three daughters. I live in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city, which has been my base and launching pad as far as ministry is concerned.

I realized my call to ministry back in high school in the late nineties where I served in different leadership capacities in the school’s Christian union. I would later become the chairman of the union. It is from here that God spoke to my heart to serve Him in college and in the local church. Then God opened a door for me to serve with in organized parachurch group. I got a lot of exposure and experience as I worked within the country, in the east African region, and beyond. In my entire time of ministry engagement. I can humbly estimate that I have impacted directly and indirectly about a half a million young people in Africa through partnerships that I led while working with other parachurch organizations and through direct ministry to schools.

It is a great joy serving God in ministry. Reaching out to people with the gospel and empowering them to have a meaningful and a productive walk with the Lord is something of great worth for me. I have worked with different teams and partners over the years and have come to know that synergy achieves more than individual effort. It is with great joy that I join another wonderful team in the Christian ministry, globalLead, I am so thrilled by this great opportunity and I’m ready to step out and coordinate trainings all around the country and Africa at large. I am so happy that my family is fully behind me in this course with their unwavering support.

My prayer is that God will guide me and the entire globalLead team to impact the world with the well-researched and rich ministry training materials as we partner with churches and other organizations with similar objectives. I am appealing to all people of good will who value the ministry, as spelled out in the great commission that our Lord Jesus commanded us to undertake, to partner with us in prayer and resources in order to fulfill God’s heart’s desire in building the body of Christ and bringing it to maturity, Ephesians 4:11-13.

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