The following is an exciting update from Matt Lewis, International Director of our Heart of the Leader program.

“Here are just a few of the 27 Pastors, Bishops, and Executive leaders who attended our Kenyan Taste and See. Another 29 leaders joined Taste and See Uganda. I was overwhelmed by the level of engagement in both countries. Pastor Kiho and Rev. John Musa gathered the right people as together we explore if East Africa is ready to host Heart of the Leader – I believe it is!

Rev. John Musa scheduled meetings with influential leaders in Uganda. I met with the National Director of Campus Crusade and the Vice Chancellor of Ugandan Christian University, but when Rev. Musa scheduled time with Bete, a member of the First Lady’s Commission on Education, I admit I was confused. Certainly she is important, but what does she have to do with Heart of the Leader?

Well, God knew! As our pleasant lunch ended, Bete mentioned that HotL sounded similar to a program she experienced in 2004 that changed her life. She said it was in a little town I had probably never heard of: Ashland, Ohio. Bete went through Formational Prayer which parallels Heart of the Leader but for lay people. After getting over the shock, I explained where HotL came from. She proclaimed – I’M IN! WHEN DOES IT START! REV. MUSA, SAVE A SPOT FOR ME!

Who could have orchestrated this except God?!!!”