matching grant thermometer at 100%

We have been diligently raising funds to launch an online training platform, with the help of generous friends of the ministry who have promised a matching grant. We hope first to launch the online training for youth ministry leaders and then for all of the curriculums of globalLead. We are happy to announce that we have met our goal of $12,500! Now, the foundation partnering with us will soon be adding their matching grant of $12,500 to the project.

Many locations globally are difficult to reach and not welcoming toward Christians coming in to train to multiply leaders. However, through the Internet we can still train these dear and, often, persecuted leaders. And, across the globe, most ministry leaders are volunteers or part-time, so enabling them to be trained without leaving their work and income source will be a great blessing to many who were unable to receive training in the past!

We hear, again and again, the following from needy ministry leaders who desire and/or have been through our trainings:

“Travel is so expensive. I don’t have the money right now.”

“I can’t be away from my family/ministry/job for a whole week.”

“It’s so much material that I found it overwhelming to apply once I returned home. I wish it were more spread out.”

“I need more flexibility with the session times so I could work through the readings and assignments at my own pace.”

But with the development of this project, one less thing will stand between the leaders God wills to minister, mentor, and multiply. 

Additionally, the online trainings is a way to train our trainers further. Many who have received our trainings in the past will benefit from an updated version, now presented in a format that enables them to watch it over and over, ensuring they are prepared to teach it with accuracy! 

Thank you for praying for and supporting this important endeavor in and for the name of Jesus Christ!!!