We are all in the midst of changing times and challenging circumstances. Many around the globe find themselves following “stay at home” decisions. Although times are changing and we are faced with new challenges, God has not changed and is not challenged by the current circumstances.  Know that as you read this post, we will be praying for you during this time.

 Our unchanging God that we serve is the foundation of the ministry of globalLead. In fact, we have developed all of our trainings and resources around the idea that God’s Word has worked for thousands of years all around the world. His Word still impacts any culture in any generation. His Word works no matter what is happening in your life and mine. No matter how things change, God and His Word do not! 

globalLead continues forward in these challenging times. Our staff in the Philippines had already been working toward online forms of training. We will begin this training of Level 3 participants (future trainers) as a model for us to embrace going forward to supplement the face to face trainings.

Thank you for your continued support of the on-going ministry of globalLead. As a family we are planning to continue to support our church and those missionaries around the globe that we have always supported, we pray that God leads you to do the same, as together we trust in Him as our never changing provider.

Chris Davis
Executive Director – globalLead