What do the three words, “goals, gifted, and gifts”, have in common with globalLead, besides the obvious that they start with the letter “G”? All three of these G’s are key parts of the ministry of globalLead. Allow me to explain each of these separately but show how they connect to one another.


We are excited to report the following goals that have been met or exceeded in 2019 by the grace and strength of the Lord. Our teams exceeded their training goals by 10% this year.


It takes gifted leaders to carry out the goals of the ministry. At globalLead we realize that God is the provider of both the natural talents and the spiritual gifts of our staff, volunteers, board members, and you as donors.

globalLead works around the world because of gifted leaders that God brings to us that you encourage and financially support in various ways!

(Picture above from a recent International Board of Directors meeting)


All of the goals that God has accomplished through globalLead’s history (close to 25,000 leaders trained from over 51 countries) and in this past year could only happen through your financial gifts.

I want to boldly ask you, “What are you investing your financial resources in that is global and eternal?” Some of you are already supporting globalLead and we thank you for that. Would you consider adding to your support with additional monthly support? Our ministry is growing rapidly and we need our monthly support to grow as well. Maybe you could consider a year-end gift. If you have not supported in the past, would you consider a one-time support or a monthly commitment?

When people who support globalLead share about why they love the ministry they say, the multiplication of leaders by nationals within their own country and continent is amazing to see.” With that said we have real financial needs this December and for the future of the ministry. Will you make globalLead a recipient of one of your Christmas (or year-end) gifts to help us encourage and equip the gifted to meet their God-given eternal goals for the future?

Thank you for your continued support and prayers, 

Chris Davis

Executive Director – globalLead 

(print, cut, and mail to globalLead, 91 Park Ave West Suite G, Mansfield OH  44902)