In life there are constants and there are changes. The same is true in your globalLead ministry. Many things are changing currently in our world. We never would have dreamed that we would not be able to fly to other countries to see leaders around the globe face to face. For decades we have served leaders in face to face trainings. 

We are now training leaders online as they are in their homes still facing lockdown in most countries around the globe (we plan to continue face to face and online trainings in the future). Not only are we using live Zoom trainings, but we have now launched our first Google Classroom hosted training. These trainings enable leaders to receive trainings anytime, anywhere, anyplace. There are some great advantages to this type of training. Leaders have more time to process what they hear as they review videos and work at their own pace. 

We have over 60 participants in this event from 13 different countries. In the past, we could have never had leaders come together from 13 countries! Today we can!

What has not and will not change, in globalLead, is our unapologetic stand on God’s Word and the example of Jesus Christ for life and ministry.