Don and Britta, 2010

Chris Davis with the Kuenzli family in 2012







We are excited to announce that Britta Kuenzli and her four children have created a memorial fund to commemorate her husband, and their father, Don E. Kuenzli, Jr. (The above photo is of Chris Davis, globalLead Ex. Dir., with the Kuenzli family in 2012 as they worked to raise funds and awareness of Alex’s SoccerKicks4Kids ministry in partnership with globalLead.)

The money raised will provide resources for Youth and Family Discipleship, as a way to honor Don’s heart for training young people with foundational Biblical knowledge and life-giving strategies, as well as a funding model that would honor his business acumen by making this “seed money” grow beyond the initial investment.

The project will allow 3 of globalLead’s overseas offices (Nepal, Kenya, Philippines) to have these workbooks in hand. The goal is to raise at least $5000, of which $1400 has already been contributed. The global teams will sell these workbooks and use a portion of the funds to print more copies. In addition, the proceeds of their sales will be used to fund their local training ministry needs as they reach and disciple youth and ministry leaders in several nations. This funding model will allow your investment in Don’s legacy to continue for generations to come.

“When Donald became a believer, he found it difficult to share with others what he felt as a Christian, that’s when he supported globalLead’s efforts in reaching others. As a businessman, Donald saw a good business model in how globalLead is structured. As a new believer, Donald saw how globalLead could be the hands, feet, and voice through financial support by reaching youth and adults all over the world in places he could only imagine. Our family continues to support the efforts and work of globalLead through this special commemorative workbook project reaching out to the youth.” ~ Britta Kuenzli

Click the button below to contribute to the Don Kuenzli Memorial Fund!

You may also support directly through mailing a check to: globalLead, Attn: Kuenzli Memorial Fund, 675 Straub Rd W Ste 2, Mansfield, Ohio, 44904


This project will be accomplished by the publishing of Foundations for Life, a 4-volume series that is described as a globally usable, comprehensive, youth discipleship workbook series that integrates knowledge and experience to produce fully devoted followers of Christ. This workbook challenges individuals to read their Bible, memorize key verses, and write about what they learn. The content may be used individually, with another person, adult leader, or in youth ministry large group settings. (The series will also be available in corresponding adult versions.) See below for more information about the workbooks.

Foundations for Life Volume 1: Building Upon God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit

This volume sets the initial block of the spiritual foundation for life. You will dig deep to understand who God is: Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. You will then see why it is so essential to understand them and relate to them personally to begin building a solid spiritual life.





Foundations for Life Volume 2: Understanding Sin, Salvation, and Your Faith

Building upon the block of the Trinity, this volume speaks directly to each of us regarding our spiritual status in our relationship with God. Understanding who we are and who we are not is critical in determining how we relate to God in a Biblical way, beginning now and into eternity.





Foundations for Life Volume 3: Knowing His Truth Practically

Once we are sure of who God is (volume 1), as well as who we are in relationship to Him (volume 2), we will now build our ongoing relationship and communication with Him. Knowing the Bible and understanding prayer, and other means of communication are critical for the next foundational life stage.





Foundations for Life Volume 4: Applying His Truth in Action

How do we relate with others in our life This volume walks you through how to relate with His church, His people, those who are lost (non-Christians), as well as other practical Christian practices that continue to build us into a God-honoring person today and into the future.