Death cancelled The word cancelled is stamped over the word death, as though it has been denied.If you’ve been paying attention to the news in America, you’ll know it has been filled with the discussion of whether it is fair to cancel student loan debts. Whatever your opinion is on this idea, I would encourage you to direct your attention back toward God. For while this possibility may affect the United States and the wallets of those living in it, we, as believers, are aware of a present reality affecting the entire world and the eternal destiny of those living on it.

The debt we owe due to our sin is profound, grows every day, and ought to cost us our lives. None of us could do a single thing to shrink or alleviate its crushing pressure. Yet, without the awareness to ask for it and without having even imagined it as a possibility, we were offered the single greatest gift in the history of the world–Jesus.

Who would think God, who has never needed forgiveness, would invent it for and offer it to us? Who would think He would go to the end it required?

While my sin certainly should have permanently separated me from Life Himself, I have been released from all that I owe. Enough blood has been shed on my behalf, on your behalf, to eradicate the debt plaguing our mind, spirit, and body. It is gone for good. Praise the Lord.

  May we always champion this Christ-centered Gospel message of our need for Jesus and His redeeming payment for our sins through the cross. There was no other way, and there is no other message to bring: He came, He lived, He died, He rose, He seized victory, and you are invited to join Him.

As we hear of the topic of debt forgiveness, may we all pause and give thanks for the One in charge of everything, God Himself, who forgives our eternal sin debt. We praise the Lord for, in love, paying off our debt and offering us freedom, and we thank you for supporting this ministry so we can continue to spread the word of this gift across the globe.