As you read this I (Chris Davis) have already embarked on a long journey that began, Sunday March 23rd. In total I will travel in planes over 50 hours as I travel east over the Atlantic ocean to India, then continue northeast to Nepal, then southeast to the Philippines then home over the Pacific ocean.

indiaI will be working in India with Jomesh Tamang from Nepal from March 25th until March 27th. We will train a Level 1 with our host Anil Alexander, an Indian pastor in Mumbai. It will be exciting to see how God uses this event and to see what plans we can make for this gigantic country of over 1 billion people!
In Nepal on the dates of March 31th – April 2nd, I will be leading a first ever-churchnepal leaders version of our trainings. As well as working with the GYMN Nepal board, staff and volunteers.

In the Philippines, from April 5th until April 8th, we are having one large event of up to 45 participants. GYMN training of trainers, which is for those desiring to become a volunteer trainer with us. A volunteer group for those whose gifts may not be teaching, but who have a passion for the ministry. The Heart of the Leader. This will be for some local pastors and leaders to have time to be ministered to.

We will all celebrate together our 15th Anniversary of GYMN in the Philippines.



My scheduled return date is April 8th.

 Please pray for me, my family (Penny and Levi in Mansfield) as well as for all of our teams in the above locations and those attending that God will move in each of us for the sake of His purpose of reaching and discipling others for His sake!

 Thank you being a part of this multiplication movement that is global in scope and eternal in impact!



Chris Davis

Executive Director

Global Youth Ministry Network