From January 26th – February 7th, I will be traveling to Africa with two ministry friends, Mike Stigall and Marty Mast (pictured below). Together we will begin our ministry in Ethiopia to train globalLead principles through a Master’s degree course at Evangelical Theological College in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The students are some of the brightest in the nation that are involved in substantial ministry there. While in Ethiopia we will also train the national leadership team for Compassion International so they can begin to develop plans on how to assist churches with sponsored children when they become teens in the church.

From Ethiopia, we will travel on to Kenya to be with our Africa-based board, staff, and volunteers. We are excited to have various additional meetings with future staff in the area and to encourage our training teams there, as well as have time to speak to a group of pastors through our trainings.

Can you pray for our ministry trip, please? Below are some key areas for prayer:

  • Pray for spiritual strength and health as we have a lot of travel to do.
  • Pray for those receiving the trainings and times of encouragement.
  • Pray for the Africa board and our team as we discern potential additional staff in Kenya.
  • Pray for our families back home, that they will be encouraged and depend on the Lord even more in our absence.

Chris Davis
Executive Director – globalLead