Facebook Giving Tuesday Fundraiser

Jack’s fundraiser for Global Youth Ministry Network aka globalLead (click HERE to be taken to our Facebook Fundraiser)

“He BELIEVED in me and I am doing it.
She BELIEVED in me and showed me how.
They BELIEVED God could use me in great ways. He is.”
From many thousands of those trained by globalLead.

Would you consider investing in a ministry that is impacting significant parts of the world? Your gift goes to help us serve staff and trainers around the world. You make a difference and touch people with your gift.
globalLead (Global Youth Ministry Network dba globalLead) trains indigenous trainers to train others within their country as well as in other countries. Focused on youth ministry and church leadership, those trained have shared with me how their ministry has been revolutionized with effective strategy, organization and a deep focus on reaching the lost in the way Jesus ministered. Help them and others yet to be trained to make a difference.globalLead has trained over 24,000 leaders in over 50 countries. Across many denominations, 8,000 have told us they need globalLead’s training. It’s the personal stories that amaze me. I’d love to share some of them with you. My email is jack.dyson@globalLead.worldYour gift through Facebook on Giving Tuesday, December 3 beginning at 8:00am could be matched until the cap is reached. (Match caps out in only a few minutes.) Facebook has a match and so does globalLead. Your $10 becomes $25. Your $50 becomes $125. Your $100 grows to $250. $500 to $1250. $1000 to $2500.You can make a difference. Is there someone you would share this so they can make a difference too?Please let me know by sending me an email or submitting a message via our contact page if you give so that I can thank you.

Quantity AND Quality

It is important to note that God cared enough to speak of numbers, but only in the context of speaking about quality teaching and fellowship.

At globalLead, we realize that impact is measured not just by quantity (numbers), but quality (depth). We have seen God adding to your ministry through globalLead. We have added two additional divisions in our training programs: Church and Ministry Team Strategy and the Heart of the Leader (soul care for Christian leaders), to our existing Youth Ministry Strategy trainings. We have also added training locations in the Middle East and Belgium recently. God has also added staff to our team in the USA and we are seeking additional staff in Africa. We would like to add more USA staff in the future. Beyond the trainings and staff, our number of volunteer trainers continues to grow, and we have been increasing the size of our international board. 

This growth is great to see and for you to be a part of. We desire as a team to not only add in all of the areas above, but also to keep quality and biblical teaching as our foundation. Thank you for your support of His quality and quantity of ministry. If God is leading you to grow along with us, would you pray about adding to your current support levels? All of the above expansion takes additional support as well.

Ministry Strategy Training in Brussels, Belgium!

Meet Pastor Nixon Echavez (lower left in the picture), one of our key leaders from the Philippines. Nixon was one of the original youth ministry leaders that Chris trained over 20 years ago in Cebu City. Nixon and his ministry impact has grown over the years and he has stayed in contact with globalLead all of this time.

Nixon valued the globalLead trainings so much, that he was willing to travel over 6,540 miles (one way) to share the Good News included in our globalLead materials in Brussels, Belgium recently. Nixon trained a group of ministry leaders for all areas of the church to reach and disciple others in this country where only 1.2% of the population is evangelical Christian.  These leaders represent two generations of Filipinos: the older first-generation immigrants and the younger Belgium-born Pinoys.

Jesus does not say to just go to Africa, or Asia, or the physically needy parts of the world, but to go to ALL of the world-–especially those areas where the Gospel needs proclaimed and reclaimed.



Are You Rusty?

Have you ever had to work with something that had become rusty? I know I have. I noticed that often the things that are rusty are usually that way for one or two reasons, sometimes for both. They have been out in the elements of rain and weather and they have not been used for a while. Not only is this true in the natural world, but also in the spiritual as well.

Part of being in missions, and being on mission for all of us, is to be under His care, and to be actively caring for those who need that same care. The Psalmist wrote, “Trust in the Lord, and do good;” (Psalm 37:3a). Trusting in the Lord means to depend on Him not ourselves. When we are out in the elements of life, unprotected, without trusting in the Lord, we become rusty spiritually. When we cease to seek out those who need to hear the Gospel, we also become rusty. I love how Charles Spurgeon puts this, “There is a joy in holy activity which drives away the rust of discontent.” When we are active in His holy activity, the joy keeps us from becoming rusty. When we sit around and watch others, we can become discontent and rusty.

At globalLead, we are always seeking to be active in ministering, mentoring, and multiplying.

Chris Davis

What is Success?

What is Success? In our recent newsletter, Chris recounted areas of success in the ministry over the last year. One area was in regards to the ministry trip he had planned with Jack Dyson, director of operations, to Nepal and the Philippines. Chris had hurt his back on the first leg of the trip and had to return home. Success was that Jack was able to step in and lead. He also represented the International Office at the 20th Anniversary of the Ministry in SE Asia.

And with technology, Chris was able send his greetings to those assembled. God is Good!


Unleashing others in ministry!

Over 22 years ago, globalLead was birthed as a mission to train ministry leaders around the globe. From the beginning, globalLead has kept Jesus central to all we do. One way we accomplish that is to multiply ourselves in ministry by developing and unleashing others in ministry, just like He did. One of Chris’ great joys is to live out ministry directly as he travels and serves, but also indirectly in the ministry by encouraging others.  

In our Heart of the Leader ministry, Chris was able to link our International Director of Heart of the Leader, Matt Lewis, with African friends in ministry spanning several countries. The picture above was taken at a Taste and See event in Uganda. The investment of relationships over the past twenty years is allowing Matt to begin to set up and launch globalLead Africa’s Heart of the Leader ministry! 



A Celebration!

In Southeast Asia, we will be hosting our 20th anniversary celebration of ministry in the Philippines and throughout Asia at the end of July. What a joy it will be to celebrate God’s faithfulness through long-term relationships and ministry expansion and to pursue His calling to expand the ministry throughout all of Asia!


Are you on the globalLead Team?

Throughout the past few months, we’ve been talking about teams – growing the team, the Heart of the Leader team, as well as multiple training teams around the globe. The next question is “Are you part of the team?

In the book of Philippians chapter 4 and verses 10-19, the Apostle Paul reminded his supporters of what their support meant to him as the receiver and them as the giver. The selected verses remind us all of the important role we each play as members of the team

Whether through prayer and/or financial support (and by interacting with us on Facebook and Twitter), we welcome you as part of the globalLead team!

Who is Your Team?


Most people have a favorite team. Often times the team is related to where they live, where they have lived, or where they grew up. Teams work in all areas of life. Whether in the family, business, communities, or in ministry. Webster’s definition of teamwork is: work done by several associates with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole. At globalLead, it takes a lot of people working together to accomplish the purpose to serve those in ministry through trainings and mentorship in order to position Christian leaders for multiplication. As donors and partners with globalLead, you are a key part of the globalLead team that is seeing God do amazing things. Allow me to remind you of the great teamwork of which you are part.

In March we told you about the addition to the team, Jack Dyson, as International Director of Operations.  In May you were updated about the amazing things happening with Heart of the Leader and Matt Lewis’ trip to Africa.

Now, let us tell you about our Multiple Training Teams

One of the great things about the global ministry is that we get to support teams from around the globe. Typically one would support just one team per sport or league, but through globalLead you get to support multiple teams. Our teams based in Ethiopia, Africa, as well as in Southeast and Northwest Asia, have been sending team members throughout their regions of the globe. The Philippines team (pictured above) trained over 145 leaders in the past month alone. We have also had over 140 leaders impacted in two restricted countries in Asia.

What is really awesome is that we’re all a part of God’s team in spreading the impact of the gospel throughout the world! Thank you for your support.

Hungry and Eager!

The following is an exciting update from Matt Lewis, International Director of our Heart of the Leader program.

“Here are just a few of the 27 Pastors, Bishops, and Executive leaders who attended our Kenyan Taste and See. Another 29 leaders joined Taste and See Uganda. I was overwhelmed by the level of engagement in both countries. Pastor Kiho and Rev. John Musa gathered the right people as together we explore if East Africa is ready to host Heart of the Leader – I believe it is!

Rev. John Musa scheduled meetings with influential leaders in Uganda. I met with the National Director of Campus Crusade and the Vice Chancellor of Ugandan Christian University, but when Rev. Musa scheduled time with Bete, a member of the First Lady’s Commission on Education, I admit I was confused. Certainly she is important, but what does she have to do with Heart of the Leader?

Well, God knew! As our pleasant lunch ended, Bete mentioned that HotL sounded similar to a program she experienced in 2004 that changed her life. She said it was in a little town I had probably never heard of: Ashland, Ohio. Bete went through Formational Prayer which parallels Heart of the Leader but for lay people. After getting over the shock, I explained where HotL came from. She proclaimed – I’M IN! WHEN DOES IT START! REV. MUSA, SAVE A SPOT FOR ME!

Who could have orchestrated this except God?!!!”