Mixing It Up!

(The above picture is from training Level 1 Church Ministry Strategy in a restricted country.)

What do you think of when someone says “mix it up?” It could mean the mixing of food or the act of fighting. At globalLead, we are having to mix up things a bit by taking different approaches and mixing them together.

With Covid still raging in other countries and global travel very limited, our international teams are having to mix up their approach from face-to-face trainings back to virtual events in most cases.

Locally, we are able to move around and have a variety of locations in mind to interact with partners. We had gatherings in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee.  We will also be involved with global virtual events monthly hrough January with donors, staff, trainers, volunteers, and event participants.

As globalLead mixes up face-to-face and virtual events around the globe, know that the main ingredient in all that we “mix together” will always be the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ. No matter what we are working on we strive to keep Jesus as the main ingredient that makes the biggest impact. Thank you for being “in the mix” with us for His purposes!


We’ve Moved!

One of our volunteers taking down the sign from the Park Ave West location.

We have a new address!

We have been blessed in Mansfield to move our office recently to a much better location and building. Our teams here in Ohio with leadership from Jack Dyson and the assistance from countless volunteers were able to move us into our new space by the end of August.  

Could you help us finalize this move by making sure that all correspondence comes to this address?


675 Straub Rd W Ste 2
Mansfield OH 44904

Change in “Pay to the Order of”

Please be sure that you use the name “globalLead” in the ‘Pay to the Order’ of field, rather than Global Youth Ministry Network or GYMN, whether you are physically writing the check or if you use the autopay option through your bank.

Don Kuenzli 10 Year Memorial

Don and Britta, 2010

Chris Davis with the Kuenzli family in 2012







We are excited to announce that Britta Kuenzli and her four children have created a memorial fund to commemorate her husband, and their father, Don E. Kuenzli, Jr. (The above photo is of Chris Davis, globalLead Ex. Dir., with the Kuenzli family in 2012 as they worked to raise funds and awareness of Alex’s SoccerKicks4Kids ministry in partnership with globalLead.)

The money raised will provide resources for Youth and Family Discipleship, as a way to honor Don’s heart for training young people with foundational Biblical knowledge, life-giving strategies, as well as a funding model that would honor his business acumen by making this “seed money” grow beyond the initial investment.

The project will allow 3 of globalLead’s overseas offices (Nepal, Kenya, Philippines) to have these workbooks in hand. The goal is to raise at least $5000, of which $1400 has already been contributed. The global teams will sell these workbooks and use a portion of the funds to print more copies. In addition, the proceeds of their sales will be used to fund their local training ministry needs as they reach and disciple youth and ministry leaders in several nations. This funding model will allow your investment in Don’s legacy to continue for generations to come.

“When Donald became a believer, he found it difficult to share with others what he felt as a Christian, that’s when he supported globalLead’s efforts in reaching others. As a businessman, Donald saw a good business model in how globalLead is structured. As a new believer, Donald saw how globalLead could be the hands, feet, and voice through financial support by reaching youth and adults all over the world in places he could only imagine. Our family continues to support the efforts and work of globalLead through this special commemorative workbook project reaching out to the youth.” ~ Britta Kuenzli

Click the button below to contribute to the Don Kuenzli Memorial Fund!

You may also support directly through mailing a check to: globalLead, Attn: Kuenzli Memorial Fund, 91 Park Ave W. Ste G, Mansfield, Ohio, 44902


This project will be accomplished by the publishing of Foundations for Life, a 4-volume series that is described as a globally usable, comprehensive, youth discipleship workbook series that integrates knowledge and experience to produce fully devoted followers of Christ. This workbook challenges individuals to read their Bible, memorize key verses, and write about what they learn. The content may be used individually, with another person, adult leader, or in youth ministry large group settings. (The series will also be available in corresponding adult versions.) See below for more information about the workbooks.

Foundations for Life Volume 1: Building Upon God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit

This volume sets the initial block of the spiritual foundation for life. You will dig deep to understand who God is: Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. You will then see why it is so essential to understand them and relate to them personally to begin building a solid spiritual life.





Foundations for Life Volume 2: Understanding Sin, Salvation, and Your Faith

Building upon the block of the Trinity, this volume speaks directly to each of us regarding our spiritual status in our relationship with God. Understanding who we are and who we are not is critical in determining how we relate to God in a Biblical way, beginning now and into eternity.





Foundations for Life Volume 3: Knowing His Truth Practically

Once we are Sure of who God is (volume 1), as well as who we are in relationship to Him (volume 2), we will now build our ongoing relationship and communication with Him. Knowing the Bible and understanding prayer, and other means of communication are critical for the next foundational life stage.





Foundations for Life Volume 4: Applying His Truth in Action

How do we relate with others in our life This volume walks you through how to relate with His church, His people, those who are lost (non-Christians), as well as other practical Christian practices that continue to build us into a God-honoring person today and into the future.

And / Or ?

The two words “and” and “or” are very powerful. They are used to help us be selective. This “or” that. Or they can help us add additional value or importance. This “and” that. For example, if you said to me, would you like chocolate chip ice cream or chocolate with peanut butter cup ice cream, I would reply, I would like chocolate chip ice cream AND chocolate with peanut butter cup ice cream. In your ministry with globalLead, we have seen the great value recently of engaging the “AND.” Allow me to explain. Throughout this pandemic season, we have had to think of the “and.” How can we serve leaders and still stay safe and work within the restrictions of travel, etc.? To do this we began to do online trainings throughout our ministry locations. We added numerous new country training locations in the past year because we did not have to limit ourselves to this country OR that country. We could engage the AND with Zoom or Google-based trainings. (Photo to the left is a graduation of youth ministry leaders from Europe trained online.) Participants were from Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, and the UK. Also in the photo are Nixon Echavez (newer globalLead staff) and  Jack Dyson.

We were temporarily able to go back to face-to-face trainings in several places, but we continued engaging in online trainings as well, thus offering face-to-face AND online trainings. At the time of this writing, we are seeing all of our offices face new travel restrictions in their major cities, so we will be offering face-to-face trainings in the rural areas when possible AND virtual trainings where we cannot travel. Before the offices had to stop most traveling our new Nepal Director, Kiran Chand (in the photo here to the right, Kiran is on the left) traveled to train in a remote location. He traveled over 8 hours on a motorbike because the roads are not suitable for vehicles. The young ladies pictured here walked one full day each way to attend the training with their packs of sleeping and clothing necessities.

Outward AND Inward Ministry?
We have also seen the power of the AND in our ministry expansion into our soul care ministry for Christian leaders.  Our other trainings – Youth Ministry Strategy and our Ministry Team Strategy (whole church) – have both focused primarily on the outward ministry of leaders to impact their spheres of influence for the Gospel. With our Heart of the Leader ministry, we now offer the AND. Not only are leaders being strategic in caring for others outwardly, but we are also engaging them very intentionally, for inward care of themselves as a person first and leader second. Leaders from Uganda, Kenya, India, the UK, the USA, and Canada attended. This event started face-to-face in January 2020, and we finished it in late April. The photo to the left shows our gathering. Listen to the heart of the ministry leaders who stated, “This event helped me: 

    • to be real with God and with the people around me.”
    • open my eyes to a new world of grace and dealing with the skeletons and demons in the closet.” 
    • to identify lies I have been believing that have been tearing me down and what they have cost.”
    • dig deeper inwards and know where I am truly and not just where I think I am.”

Pakistan AND Ethiopia?
You may recall that this time last year we had a leader from Ethiopia who felt called to go to Pakistan in partnership with a colleague there to train youth ministry leaders. Despite all of the severe challenges of those early days with COVID amid his time there, Mulat (from Ethiopia) AND Khurram (his host in Pakistan) led 3 official globalLead trainings and some other events with great ongoing impact. (See their photo together at the beginning of this post.) After several conversations, we now welcome Khurram and his wife (Seemab) into your globalLead family. Khurram will be serving as the globalLead Pakistan director! The official name for Pakistan is, “The Islamic Republic of Pakistan.” May God do a great work through your ministry partner Khurram so that it will one day be known as “Pakistan, a Country full of Christians.”

Ministry Partners AND globalLead?
As a ministry partner of globalLead, you have a relationship that is deeper than OR or AND. You are globalLead. Your support and prayers make globalLead work. The investment of your heart, your volunteering, and your care for all of the team means that you are globalLead.  

Spring at globalLead!

(Ministry-wide Staff Meeting)

As we begin to have a few more days of sunshine and somewhat warmer temperatures, we know that spring is just around the corner. Spring brings us a feeling of new growth as trees bud and flowers bloom. At globalLead it is springtime as well. God has been growing your ministry as His light shines on a somewhat dark season globally by opening up many new training opportunities for your ministry.

  • Your Europe ministry team led by Nixon Echavez just started an online that included leaders from Austria, Belgium, Canada, Qatar, the Philippines, and Switzerland!
  • Your Northwest Asia team in Nepal just finished a face-to-face training with over 80 participants from very remote areas in Nepal.
  • Your Africa team has established some key partnerships for trainings.
  • The International Office, in Ohio and PA, have been working on implementing a new software system (led by Jack Dyson) to more efficiently serve our donors.
  • Our local and global teams are very close to rolling out our first published book/workbook for youth (and adults), titled: Foundations for Life!

Your support and prayers are like the nutrients that flowers need to bloom and grow! Thank you for your investment in His globally growing ministry!




Light Another Candle Campaign for HotL (SE Asia)

During the month of March, globalLead Southeast Asia has launched a fund-raising campaign to reach our goal of addressing the need of many pastors and Christian workers for soul care. We have gracious partners who are ready and willing to match up to $600 for every gift committed to monthly support for the next two years. Even a small amount will help greatly to sustain the ministry, so please consider “lighting another candle with us.”

Click here to learn more about the Heart of the Leader ministry,

Click here to learn more about Ethel Tauli and globalLead Southeast Asia,

Support the Light Another Candle campaign!


Send us a message, using the form below, if you want to know more about this campaign. We will be glad to connect with you!


Contact Us With Your Questions

What’s Coming Up for 2021!

It is with great optimism and encouragement that we are approaching 2021. We can be optimistic in the midst of uncertainty, both locally and globally, because together we have a very sure and certain hope in and through our Lord Jesus Christ. We are so expectant that God will work through our training teams in profound ways in 2021 because we teach His Word and He promises that His Word shall succeed and accomplish His purposes!

      “so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall    accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.”

              (Isaiah 55:11, ESV)

We have a growing staff and volunteers who are focused on several key continents: Europe (new in 2020), NW Asia (Nepal…also with impact into the Middle East), SE Asia (Philippines…with impact regionally), Africa (Kenya…with continent-wide opportunities), and North America (USA…with local and global impact).

Your support of the staff and locations listed above is being used and multiplied globally for His purposes with His promise of eternal impact! Is there any better investment you can make than this?

Thank you for a great start to 2021!

Despite the enormous challenges in 2020, God has been so faithful to your ministry of globalLead. Your prayers and support continue to make a huge difference globally!

In this video update, you can hear about God’s goodness in detail and also hear about some future areas of important ministry impact of which you get to be a part.

Please take a few minutes to watch the video – CLICK HERE!

Thankful for Your Parntership!



We are so very thankful for your partnership through prayer and support of globalLead: your ministry that impacts people around the globe. Please take 4 minutes to hear about how God has turned what we saw as obstacles into opportunities. There are some very good testimonies included from leaders from Africa and Asia!


As you receive this update in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, all of us have so much to be thankful for. For sure this year has been different than any other, but God has been so good to all of us.

As supporters, you have been so good to the ministry of globalLead. Your support has made a huge impact this year. Together, we trained and served over 1200 ministry leaders around the globe. One of the highlights has been caring for the soul of leaders while they face the struggles of this year.

Receive a huge thank you from the leaders around the globe that you are impacting!


Obstacles or Opportunities?

When we face times of uncertainty and change all around us, we can typically take one of two paths. The first is to see the current environment as an obstacle. At globalLead, we could take this approach and say, “we cannot travel and train (most countries are under travel restrictions for both local and international travel). We could just wait this out and hope the pandemic changes soon then we can get back to what we do  – ministering, mentoring, and multiplying Christian leaders.” But we have taken the second path of recognizing the opportunities. In fact, our incredible teams around the globe have not bowed to the obstacles, but have embraced this season of opportunity! God has directed this path for those we serve and also has allowed us to be good stewards of the resources you as donors provide. Let me share just a few of the opportunities we have seen God provide.

 Leaders Soul Care Opportunities

Many leaders are facing the challenges of leading others in this season. People are sick, but more detrimental than the sickness is that people are being challenged economically. This is a huge burden on pastors and leaders. I have talked to several pastors of large churches globally who have seen their salaries reduced by 1/2 and some even more than that. These leaders need people to care for them. If the leadership of a church is struggling you can be doubly assured that the people of the church are struggling as well and not receiving the life-giving hope they all need. As we together care for leaders, they are healthier to care for the thousands upon thousands that they collectively impact. At globalLead we have served over 153 ministry leaders through our shortened Heart of the Leader events to care for the souls of Christian leaders (including  some of those in the photo above). Here is what these leaders have said about these events:

“This time helped me to understand and feel who precious a friend Jesus is to me and his unconditional love and humbleness towards me.” Jessica, Nepal

“To connect the word of God with the current situation. Once more acknowledging that Jesus is a real friend.” Farris, Kenya

Online Ministry Opportunities

When I was finishing up my doctoral studies last year a portion of my research findings showed that leaders who had access to recorded trainings were actually more deeply impacted than those who engaged in live Zoom video conference trainings. With this in mind, and because of the obstacles of travel, your globalLead team has established our Ministry Team Strategy training course to be accessible anywhere, anytime, by using the Google Classroom platform. In our initial course we have over 60 people going through the materials from 13 different countries across 5 continental regions.

Technical Opportunities

With so many people unable to travel, God has allowed us to meet leaders right in their homes using Zoom and other technologies. Although we are moving about in the USA, many around the globe are still under severe travel restrictions. If ministry leaders are stuck at home, what can they do? They can be further equipped for future ministry and how to use the technology in front of them to minister in this current season as well. We have trained 86 leaders over the past few months on how to use Zoom and other technologies to serve and to care for their own people.

Local Ministry Opportunities

Our administration team has taken this season of obstacles and exchanged it for the opportunity to streamline the globalLead operations. Led by Jack Dyson, our International Director of Operations, our team is busy working on converting to a new accounting system and donor development platform. We all know that these ministries are just as essential as what others are doing out in the field or through online ministry trainings. Without good internal systems, these field ministries cannot happen. 

Publishing Opportunities

One of the goals we had this year in the ministry was to publish one of our discipleship workbooks encompassing over 200 pages. This series is currently in the final editing and graphic design stage. This set deals with theological foundations that youth should know and understand, like Who is God? Who is Jesus? What About Sin? In addition, it will cover what we would call practical theology areas, like Why Should I Attend Church? Why Should I Tithe? How Can I Share My Testimony? This set is designed for both large and small group usage, as well as one to one discipleship. Once it is complete, we will tailor it for adults as well, so as parents can also use them as they disciple their youth. These are being developed in a non-cultural way so that the Biblical principles that have worked for 2000 years across hundreds of countries can be taught globally without obstacles. Other ministry publications are in the works as well.

Caring Opportunities

With the economic impact on people globally (in most locations the economic impact is much greater than the impact of the virus), we have had the opportunity to care for ministry leaders with practical financial needs. Through our accumulating Caring and Sharing Fund, we have been able to send financial support to leaders in financial need. Many church leaders are not getting paid. Many of these places depend on weekly physical cash offerings. They do not typically have electronic giving like we would here. Many church leaders are being laid off and have no unemployment benefits. We would like to continue to have funds to help these leaders. Would you consider an extra one-time donation to our Caring and Sharing Fund to help these leaders? Mark you extra gift below or send a separate online gift through our website at https://globallead.world/support-us/giving-ways-to-give/. 

Good Opportunities

The Apostle Paul reminds us all in Romans 8:28, that , “…we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” He is the only one who can take obstacles and turn them into eternal opportunities for good! You and I are called by Him to care for those around the globe and we have the opportunity before us  to do this together!

Chris Davis, Executive Director, globalLead