Being an Eternal Great, Great Grandfather!

Can I ask: what is important to you? What have you invested your time, money, and energy into that really matters? Now let me ask, is it eternal? Is it something or someone that continues to impact others for generations to come? Through your ministry alongside globalLead, you are involved in something important, eternal, and that continues to impact multiple generations across numerous countries around the globe. Let me go back to August of 1999. By this time, I had been traveling for a few years to Kenya to train youth ministry leaders. I did not realize the impact this training would have for decades to come.

There was an energetic part-time youth leader, Nick Korir (pictured above with Chris), from the small Kenya city of Kericho attending this August training. Honestly, I do not remember a lot about Nick during this training, but what I do remember vividly is that Nick came back for more training prematurely during my next trip. Typically, we ask leaders to wait a year before returning so they have time to implement the training, see results, and have challenges to discuss in Level 2. When Nick came to our Level 2 training, the host asked if we should send him home. Though I wanted to, I realized he had sacrificed a lot for travel expenses, so I allowed him to stay. 

I soon realized that Nick was special. He had implemented what we taught him regarding ministry in the patterns of Jesus and had seen his small youth group grow exponentially in just a few months. I could see Nick’s impact and leadership right away, so even though he was not yet a certified trainer, I asked if he could share with the Level 1 group. The next 24 years were amazing!

Fast forward to today, Nick is the Senior Pastor of one of the largest
churches in Nairobi, Kenya and has established church plants throughout Kenya and into other nations. Throughout these years, we have walked together with Nick and Julia through their marriage and adoption of two local boys (Dan and Don). He has walked with Penny and me through our adoption of Levi. We have walked with Nick through many life and ministry decisions along the way. Nick has served in multiple roles with globalLead and is a champion for this ministry wherever he travels. 

On my recent mission trip to Kenya, I took time for breakfast with Nick. It lasted until the lunch hour! He continues to serve and disciple young leaders. In fact, he sent three of his top staff to the Heart of the Leader event we led in Nairobi.

One of the great joys Nick and I focus on is eternal, generational, and global gospel impact. One of the young men Nick and I have discipled and mentored is Festus Omato. I met Festus in 2020 at our first Africa-based Heart of the Leader event. Since then, I regularly mentored Festus and during my trip to Nairobi this May, he was serving beside me as a mentor in our Heart of the Leader ministry. Over the past 2 years, I have ministered to and mentored Festus. And now, I’ve multiplied with and through him so he can serve other leaders. Not only did Festus and I serve in Heart of the Leader, but he insisted that I meet his “children in the faith”: a group of young men he disciples who kept asking Festus if they could meet me. Festus said that he mentions things we discuss with them and they wanted to meet “great-grandpa.”

When you serve for over two decades in one location, God produces spiritual fruit that grows and multiplies globally. You, as a partner of globalLead, have been a wonderful part of this generational faith passing, ministering, mentoring, and multiplying that is not limited to this one story or country. 

What started as a vision to launch a mission to train young ministry leaders back in 1996 continues to grow today from God, through you and me (and other globalLead staff) to Nick, Festus, and now those he is discipling. Even Festus’ young men are asking when they can add more people into their group so they can personally disciple. Wow…great-great-grandchildren in the faith that you have developed through globalLead. As I often say, “we get to do this!”

Thank you for your eternal multiplying ministry!


The Birthplace of the Reformation is Unreached

This Friday, I [Chris Davis] will be traveling from the Heart of the Leader conference in Nairobi, Kenya to Brussels, Belgium. There, I will work alongside Pastor Nixon Echavez to meet with over a dozen pastors, youth pastors, and key leaders for the continent of Europe. There will be four European countries represented in person at this gathering (Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, and the UK) but that doesn’t account for those who will be attending via the internet.

This gathering is critical to the next steps in building Nixon’s team and getting trainings out for this continent. 

Nixon, who is originally from the Philippines, is hoping to move his family to Brussels this year… and you might wonder why.

The truth is, this continent is desperately unreached.

Over the last 100 years, Europe is the only continent where the church has not seen growth. In fact, Biblical Christianity in Europe has been in decline, and Evangelical Christians represent only 2.5 percent of the population, which is currently at 749 million. That is 18.75 million remaining believers in the once-thriving seat of Christianity and the birthplace of the Reformation…over 36% of the countries in Europe have less than 1% Evangelicals (7th edition, Operation World, Jason Mandryk, 2010.) This statistic means that over 36% of the countries in Europe are, by definition, unreached–i.e. less than 2% Evangelical Christians.

While Nixon has been training and mentoring ministry leaders from Europe virtually, by moving to Belgium, he is trusting God’s provision, both for the financial support and for a fruitful ministry. Please be praying with us that it is a productive meeting with these individuals as we begin to lay the groundwork.

Read more about Nixon, his passion, his family, and his budding ministry.

He Refreshes My Soul

Words cannot express the excitement I sense as I update you and request prayer for my ministry travels to represent your investment in globalLead for His purposes! Because today…

I am in the process of traveling to Nairobi, Kenya to lead our teams in an IN-PERSON Heart of the Leader event!

We have 12 men and 12 women attending with an additional group of 9 mentors and apprentice mentors from multiple countries including the Philippines, USA, Kenya, Ethiopia, New Zealand, Uganda, and Ghana. 

Of course, please pray that everyone’s travels go well. But we mainly ask that you help us pray that all involved will have a significant time with the Lord, His Word, and His example for ministry. Our goal is to care for the souls of pastors and church leaders so that they can open their lives more to Him and to one another and find Biblical support and encouragement.

We’re trusting God that this will be a fruitful time of community, prayer, learning, and healing. This gathering has been a long time coming (thanks to COVID), and all involved have been so faithful in organizing the event and preparing to minister to these ministers.

Pray that the Lord refreshes weary souls, tends to wounded hearts, and revitalizes the passion, identity, and calling of these men and women in ministry!

What’s New in Nepal?

Those of you who have been with us in globalLead for some time remember that a few years ago, your team in Nepal had the God-given vision to be sure we have trained leaders in every district of Nepal (77 districts…similar to 50 states in the USA). By God’s grace and endurance, our team there accomplished that vision well. However, to continue to saturate these areas through the multiplication of more trainers across the country, the Nepal staff now has the vision for additional staff and offices to cover the major regions. They have already taken this first step by adding Lokendra B. to the staff in Nepal (pictured below as he led a Church Ministry Strategy training).

Lokendra has opened a globalLead office in southwest Nepal! The picture at the top of this post shows globalLead Nepal Board Chairman Jomesh T. cutting the ribbon for the rented office. Lokendra will lead and oversee training for this region as well as lead the globalLead Nepal water well projects throughout the country. 

Multiplying Ministers

In January of 2020, I (Chris Davis) had the privilege of traveling to Kenya. On this trip, I was able to gather key ministry staff from 5 ministry organizations to lay out for them a Saturation Multiplication vision for their country. I was there representing globalLead and as the ambassador for the Global Youth Coalition (a group of like-minded global youth ministry training organizations that I helped launch). In this gathering, I laid down a simple map of Kenya with all 47 of their counties (similar to our states in the USA). I asked them to discuss among themselves this: “How many of these counties had trained youth ministry leaders in them?” As they later worked on this vision, they found that together the organizations had only trained in 14 counties (29% of the 47 counties).

Fast forward to today as Mark Juma and I work together these groups have now offered training in 39 counties (82% of the countries). This coalition (launched through those in the picture above) plans to impact every county in Kenya by the end of 2022. From that point, the plan will be to multiply trainers and training deep within each county of Kenya—for evangelism and discipleship through churches and if needed, church planting. In the process of this vision coming into reality, I began to see Mark’s leadership and found that he was seeking a full-time ministry position.

Welcome, Mark Juma (pictured to the left) as the newest globalLead Training Coordinator for Kenya!

Mark is also now in the process of raising his funding to fulfill our mutual Saturation Multiplication vision and to raise trainers for all of the globalLead training for pastors and leaders. Please pray for Mark and Jack Dyson, globalLead Director of Operations, as they work on Mark’s fundraising plans so that your ministry in Kenya can continue to expand.

Sleepy and Prayerless

I am currently reading a very simple book on prayer, titled “Prayer: How Praying Together Shapes the Church” by John Onwuchekwa. Allow me to share here a few thoughts of why prayer was so important to Jesus and His disciples. As you read this would you consider committing to pray for the ministry of globalLead? 

The setting is the Garden of Gethsemane as Jesus called his disciples to come with him to watch and pray (Mark 16:32-42, Mt. 26:36-46, Luke 22:40-46). Note the different outcomes of either prayer or prayerlessness:

“The story of Gethsemane is as much about the power of prayer as it is about the inevitable failure that comes from prayerlessness. The episode is sandwiched between the disciples promising faithfulness to Jesus and the disciples running away in fear. It’s sandwiched between Peter saying, “I’d die for you,” and Peter denying Jesus.”

“Jesus’s faithfulness to do God’s task is directly tied to his prayer. The disciples’ faithlessness is directly tied to their prayerlessness.”

“What happened to the sleepy, prayerless disciples in the garden? They tapped into the power of God through prayer. God strengthened their hands when they surrendered their hearts to do his will. They began to look like their Savior. They finally understood that the life-changing work of the gospel isn’t strengthened in the public eye. Rather, it’s strengthened in private before the eyes of God and our family in Christ.”

Prayer is integral to the ministry of globalLead and the life of a Christ-follower. If we’re honest with ourselves, we know we need it more than sleep. In prayer, we receive strength and direction to be obedient followers of Christ, and by praying with the Church, we are built up in our faith and refocused on the will of God. Prayer is God’s gift to us and the pathway to full surrender to and holy relationship with God–our greatest calling.

Planning or Failing?

I am reminded of what Benjamin Franklin said hundreds of years ago, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” In your ministry of globalLead, we take planning seriously, not because of Benjamin Franklin, but because of our benevolent Father.

It is important to plan but also to realize that God is ultimately in control. God gives us some very wise instructions that apply to all of us, specifically for your globalLead ministry. Proverbs 16:9 states, “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” Certainly, we are to be good stewards of our time, talents, and treasures, and one way we do that with your ministry is to prayerfully plan. In the past few months, we have put a huge effort into planning as your globalLead team. We gathered our directors, our trainers, our staff, and our board in a series of online events in order to celebrate the past, to look ahead at the ministry, and to seek God’s heart for where He wants us to go. I have to say that I am humbled by your globalLead leadership team. Surely the Proverb is true that, “Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed.” Proverbs 15:22

We can all be assured that God has plans. One of His major plans is the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20. Your globalLead team is fully committed to listen to Christ and to do our role in fulfilling His Great Commission. Specifically, here are some of the expansive plans we have for the next 5 years:

✦ 10 New Countries with Staff (2 per year)
✦ 175 AdditionalPastors/Leaders as Volunteer Trainers
✦ Increase the number of people trained to 10,000 per year by year 5 (almost 5 times our current annual amount).

All of these numbers reflect the desire to triple the amount of current impact in your globalLead ministry. To do this, we will depend fully on God’s provision for us. Please pray with us as we ask God to provide the right people as staff, both in the fields and in the offices, to support this vision!

God’s Plans in Kenya and India

Everyone loves it when a plan comes together. Your ministry through globalLead is designed to focus on ministering, mentoring, and multiplying. Here are some exciting things God made happen recently in Kenya and India through globalLead.

As I am writing this update, I am looking forward to meeting with Festus Omoto. Festus is a dynamic missions pastor in Nairobi, Kenya. We will be talking about his personal plans for his own life and especially his personal soul care. In 2020,  Festus was very close to quitting the ministry, but now he is revitalized and not retreating but being proactive in his plans for His life. Festus is one of the more than 1700 leaders that you have impacted this year through globalLead. Not only is Festus being mentored through your globalLead ministry, he is mentoring others also (Festus is in this photo in the gray sweatshirt in the back. He is part of a mentor group that includes Pastor Nick Korir, front right, long-time partner in globalLead).

globalLead has been actively serving in Nepal for over a decade and impacting other neighboring countries as well. However, since the pandemic, it has not been possible for the teams to travel outside the country. God always has a plan though.

At the beginning of COVID in 2020, our Nepal team trained leaders from the region virtually through Zoom. One of the participants was a volunteer pastor and jewelry store worker (Ser BK) who had moved from Nepal and now lives in Goa, India. Over this time, Ser BK and others went through all the levels of the globalLead trainings virtually. As he implemented the globalLead trainings, his small church has grown. In August of 2021, they baptized 21 new believers, and they have opened 3 new church fellowships as church plants. He is now a full-time pastor, who is ministering, mentoring, and multiplying. He desires to reach out to other pastors and leaders in his region so he can host more globalLead trainings in 2022!

Mixing It Up!

(The above picture is from training Level 1 Church Ministry Strategy in a restricted country.)

What do you think of when someone says “mix it up?” It could mean the mixing of food or the act of fighting. At globalLead, we are having to mix up things a bit by taking different approaches and mixing them together.

With Covid still raging in other countries and global travel very limited, our international teams are having to mix up their approach from face-to-face trainings back to virtual events in most cases.

Locally, we are able to move around and have a variety of locations in mind to interact with partners. We had gatherings in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee.  We will also be involved with global virtual events monthly hrough January with donors, staff, trainers, volunteers, and event participants.

As globalLead mixes up face-to-face and virtual events around the globe, know that the main ingredient in all that we “mix together” will always be the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ. No matter what we are working on we strive to keep Jesus as the main ingredient that makes the biggest impact. Thank you for being “in the mix” with us for His purposes!


We’ve Moved!

One of our volunteers taking down the sign from the Park Ave West location.

We have a new address!

We have been blessed in Mansfield to move our office recently to a much better location and building. Our teams here in Ohio with leadership from Jack Dyson and the assistance from countless volunteers were able to move us into our new space by the end of August.  

Could you help us finalize this move by making sure that all correspondence comes to this address?


675 Straub Rd W Ste 2
Mansfield OH 44904

Change in “Pay to the Order of”

Please be sure that you use the name “globalLead” in the ‘Pay to the Order’ of field, rather than Global Youth Ministry Network or GYMN, whether you are physically writing the check or if you use the autopay option through your bank.