Ministry Strategy Seminar

We are excited to announce that our Ministry Strategy Seminar is going online on August 31st! This course will be taught primarily through Google Classroom. We are also welcoming participants from other countries! The time for the USA (Eastern Time zone) is 7:00-8:30 AM. Please go to our website for more information:

globalLead welcomes Europe director!

Nixon N. Echavez serves as Europe Director for globalLead International.

For over 20 years, Nixon pastored in various church settings, including small urban poor church, mid-sized family churches, and a mega-church. In recent years, he has ministered to churches and trained ministry leaders across Europe.

He is married to his lovely wife, Lhei, who is into worship and women’s ministries. Together, they are blessed with four beautiful children, Ruth, Abigail, Mary, and JL.

Nixon believes that the hope of Europe depends on the revival of Christian leaders and their churches. The provision of relevant training is crucial in renewing the heart and mind of these servants. He hopes that globalLead training can facilitate the spiritual renewal of many church leaders in Europe.

Go here to see Nixon and Lhei’s globalLead missionary page to read his full bio and to donate to his support!


Nothing Can Lock Down Our God!

(above photo taken during online training with leaders in Vienna, Austria)

Although many in the USA are now moving about more freely, many of our friends around the globe are still limited from traveling any distance from their home. Others are limited by a daily curfew. With all of these trying circumstances, it is easy to retreat rather than move forward. We are reminded that the Apostle Paul faced restrictions in his life as a minister, yet the Gospel was still boldly proclaimed. Paul wrote the following to the believers in Rome, and later in his life he would be in prison and on house arrest in Rome. Being restricted from traveling is nothing new in Christianity.

For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:38-39)

Nothing can separate you or me or our ministry leaders around the globe from the love of Christ. In addition, nothing can lock down God’s sovereign and powerful Gospel from going out to those in need. Your ministry in globalLead is helping leaders be reminded of God’s inseparable love during these difficult times, so they can fully serve others. God has been working over the past few months in your ministry with globalLead in the following ways: online ministry to 162 leaders from 11 countries; training via text messages; training in a restricted country during persecution and Covid-19.

Frantic Heart in Frantic Times? Register for the Zoom event…


As you try to encourage people to become friends with God, our hope is that you continue to remain a friend of God.

To encourage you further toward that, we’d like to invite you to join our globalLead Zoom event on Thursday, July 2nd, at 2 PM East Africa Time, 7 PM Philippines, 4:45 PM Nepal, 7 AM USA (Eastern), … others please check your time zones. (Click here to register:



Are all things working for good?

(Screenshot taken during a recent soul care event)

Romans 8:28, “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” You may look at the news and see what is happening around the world and wonder if “all” things are working for good. Yet, in all of this God is being glorified like never before thanks to your prayers and support!

Through your globalLead ministry God has been using this trying time for His good. We have seen leaders in Ethiopia diligently train others using simple text messages since they could not train face to face. Many people in Ethiopia do not have sufficient Internet speed to receive a video conference training.

(This picture is from online training in Vienna)

Prompted by the Lord during this time, we have also had the privilege of providing more soul care events for Christian leaders. We have offered two Zoom events for leaders from these 9 different countries: Philippines, Nepal, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, USA, South Africa, and India. Christian leaders are facing extreme stress globally due to Covid and the related economic issues. And at the writing of this post, more events are being planned.

Please continue to lift up in prayer these new opportunities for ministry around the globe!


Praising the Lord!

(Mulat is in the center of the photo above.)

We are praising the Lord for the ministry of our Ethiopian trainer, Mulat! He traveled to a restricted country in March, intending to be there for only two weeks, but got caught in lockdown in that country until May 24. He was quarantined for 14 days when he returned to Ethiopia and was released on Sunday. But GOD WAS MOVING in the midst of the struggle! Not only did Mulat do 3 organized trainings, but he had opportunities to help lead Bible studies, preach, and start a mothers’ prayer group.

We are looking forward to new partnerships to grow out of Mulat’s passion and time spent investing in others on behalf of globalLead!


How are Covid-19 restrictions impacting globalLead?

Despite the fact that we are limited in our movements, God is still moving around the globe. In this short video clip below (click on the arrow button), you will see how God is moving in and through leaders in the Philippines, Uganda, Kenya, Pakistan, Austria, Kenya, and the USA!



We are continuing to minister, mentor, and multiply globally through your ministry. Thank you for praying and supporting globalLead!

Chris Davis

Executive Director – globalLead

Connecting Leaders to God and One Another

I love the fact that Jesus kept the message of the Christian lifestyle simple: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.” (Luke 10:27) Simplified even further we could say: love God and love others. At globalLead, we love leaders around the globe by connecting them to God and to one another to experience His love. This connecting allows them to be positioned to reach their neighbors for Christ.

These efforts take various forms in our ministry, but two key forms are seen in the unique connecting platforms locally and globally that we have seen God provide for us. From these efforts we have been able to connect people together and position them to connect more deeply with God Himself. (The photo above is from our recent launch of the first ever Heart of the Leader in Kenya, Africa. Many who attended were those we have connected with in ministry over the past 2 decades.) globalLead mentors are continuing to meet virtually with the participants to continue to care for them and to prepare for Heart of the Leader part 2 in Uganda.

Connecting Leaders…global, national, and local

The longevity of globalLead (now in the 24th year of ministry) has enabled us to connect with influential global leaders and networks around the globe. For example, I, Chris Davis, have served on the global steering committee for the World Evangelical Alliance’s Youth Commission, called Converge. This group seeks to serve leaders literally around the globe. Converge connections  enable us to seek out top level ministry leaders in any country we desire to serve in. The WEA serves over 600 million evangelicals from over 130 countries. One example of this is the country of India. India’s current population is 1.4 billion people. globalLead has been asked to partner with two groups in this country. One group just hosted a shortened version of our Heart of the Leader in order to serve 40 young leaders from around their country; this event was a result of our WEA connections and our Global Youth Coalition (mentioned later). In addition, we are having discussions with the Evangelical Fellowship of India  whose membership includes over 54 protestant denominations and related congregations, representing over 65,000 churches and  over 150 church related mission agencies.

(Photo above with Jomesh Tamang, NW Asia globalLead director, as well as Matt Lewis, Heart of the Leader Director, and other mentors). 

National Connections

We also work to connect with national leaders through global networks. In Africa, we recently connected with some very important ministry leaders in both Kenya and Ethiopia. I, Chris, have been one of the founding members of a group called the Global Youth Coalition, which is currently made up of 5 globally impacting ministries. We gather twice a year face to face, and several times in video conference to strategically work together on plans around the globe. One of our exciting visions is titled “Saturation-Multiplication.” The concept is to gather and envision key youth ministry leadership trainers in any given country to embrace the idea to  have quality trainers in every region of their country. In the past the number of organizations and trainings has been growing, but there has not been a unified strategy for a whole country. Therefore, those in easily accessible major cities get trained, but the majority of other leaders do not. I have assisted the GYC (Global Youth Coalition) in connecting leaders in Ethiopia and in Kenya, with other locations projected for the future.

(The group here above is a meeting in Ethiopia in January.)

Local Connections

As a global ministry, it could be easy to work only in large overarching networks. However, the reason we engage in the global and national networks is to be able to strategically serve the local churches and ministries. Our trainings are often times attended around the globe by local pastors and ministry leaders invited by others in their country. One local example of this was our recent training in Akron, Ohio, USA.

Jack Dyson (shown above) and I worked with 34 leaders and walked them through our newer  training for all church ministry leaders. globalLead board member, Lynn Reinbolt from Arkansas, also attended. Part of the group was made up of teams of church planters. The church’s vision is to launch 10 new churches in 10 years. These church planting leadership teams learned the ministry steps of Jesus Himself and then set together to make actionable goals. Another portion of those in attendance were mission team members from this church. They wanted to learn and apply the materials in their lives and local ministry so that they could consider taking the globalLead trainings to their church’s mission partner locations in several countries in the future. Thank you for showing your love for God and others around the globe by connecting to globalLead through your support and prayers! 

Chris Davis, Executive Director, globalLead

God and His Word Do Not Change!

We are all in the midst of changing times and challenging circumstances. Many around the globe find themselves following “stay at home” decisions. Although times are changing and we are faced with new challenges, God has not changed and is not challenged by the current circumstances.  Know that as you read this post, we will be praying for you during this time.

 Our unchanging God that we serve is the foundation of the ministry of globalLead. In fact, we have developed all of our trainings and resources around the idea that God’s Word has worked for thousands of years all around the world. His Word still impacts any culture in any generation. His Word works no matter what is happening in your life and mine. No matter how things change, God and His Word do not! 

globalLead continues forward in these challenging times. Our staff in the Philippines had already been working toward online forms of training. We will begin this training of Level 3 participants (future trainers) as a model for us to embrace going forward to supplement the face to face trainings.

Thank you for your continued support of the on-going ministry of globalLead. As a family we are planning to continue to support our church and those missionaries around the globe that we have always supported, we pray that God leads you to do the same, as together we trust in Him as our never changing provider.

Chris Davis
Executive Director – globalLead 




New Team Member for Africa!

Meet the newest member of the globalLead team – John Odhiambo, training coordinator for Africa. Click here to read more about John and his journey.

We are excited for the gifts that John will bring to globalLead!