Spring at globalLead!

(Ministry-wide Staff Meeting)

As we begin to have a few more days of sunshine and somewhat warmer temperatures, we know that spring is just around the corner. Spring brings us a feeling of new growth as trees bud and flowers bloom. At globalLead it is springtime as well. God has been growing your ministry as His light shines on a somewhat dark season globally by opening up many new training opportunities for your ministry.

  • Your Europe ministry team led by Nixon Echavez just started an online that included leaders from Austria, Belgium, Canada, Qatar, the Philippines, and Switzerland!
  • Your Northwest Asia team in Nepal just finished a face-to-face training with over 80 participants from very remote areas in Nepal.
  • Your Africa team has established some key partnerships for trainings.
  • The International Office, in Ohio and PA, have been working on implementing a new software system (led by Jack Dyson) to more efficiently serve our donors.
  • Our local and global teams are very close to rolling out our first published book/workbook for youth (and adults), titled: Foundations for Life!

Your support and prayers are like the nutrients that flowers need to bloom and grow! Thank you for your investment in His globally growing ministry!




Light Another Candle Campaign for HotL (SE Asia)

During the month of March, globalLead Southeast Asia has launched a fund-raising campaign to reach our goal of addressing the need of many pastors and Christian workers for soul care. We have gracious partners who are ready and willing to match up to $600 for every gift committed to monthly support for the next two years. Even a small amount will help greatly to sustain the ministry, so please consider “lighting another candle with us.”

Click here to learn more about the Heart of the Leader ministry,

Click here to learn more about Ethel Tauli and globalLead Southeast Asia,

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What’s Coming Up for 2021!

It is with great optimism and encouragement that we are approaching 2021. We can be optimistic in the midst of uncertainty, both locally and globally, because together we have a very sure and certain hope in and through our Lord Jesus Christ. We are so expectant that God will work through our training teams in profound ways in 2021 because we teach His Word and He promises that His Word shall succeed and accomplish His purposes!

      “so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall    accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.”

              (Isaiah 55:11, ESV)

We have a growing staff and volunteers who are focused on several key continents: Europe (new in 2020), NW Asia (Nepal…also with impact into the Middle East), SE Asia (Philippines…with impact regionally), Africa (Kenya…with continent-wide opportunities), and North America (USA…with local and global impact).

Your support of the staff and locations listed above is being used and multiplied globally for His purposes with His promise of eternal impact! Is there any better investment you can make than this?

Thank you for a great start to 2021!

Despite the enormous challenges in 2020, God has been so faithful to your ministry of globalLead. Your prayers and support continue to make a huge difference globally!

In this video update, you can hear about God’s goodness in detail and also hear about some future areas of important ministry impact of which you get to be a part.

Please take a few minutes to watch the video – CLICK HERE!

Thankful for Your Parntership!



We are so very thankful for your partnership through prayer and support of globalLead: your ministry that impacts people around the globe. Please take 4 minutes to hear about how God has turned what we saw as obstacles into opportunities. There are some very good testimonies included from leaders from Africa and Asia!


As you receive this update in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, all of us have so much to be thankful for. For sure this year has been different than any other, but God has been so good to all of us.

As supporters, you have been so good to the ministry of globalLead. Your support has made a huge impact this year. Together, we trained and served over 1200 ministry leaders around the globe. One of the highlights has been caring for the soul of leaders while they face the struggles of this year.

Receive a huge thank you from the leaders around the globe that you are impacting!


Obstacles or Opportunities?

When we face times of uncertainty and change all around us, we can typically take one of two paths. The first is to see the current environment as an obstacle. At globalLead, we could take this approach and say, “we cannot travel and train (most countries are under travel restrictions for both local and international travel). We could just wait this out and hope the pandemic changes soon then we can get back to what we do  – ministering, mentoring, and multiplying Christian leaders.” But we have taken the second path of recognizing the opportunities. In fact, our incredible teams around the globe have not bowed to the obstacles, but have embraced this season of opportunity! God has directed this path for those we serve and also has allowed us to be good stewards of the resources you as donors provide. Let me share just a few of the opportunities we have seen God provide.

 Leaders Soul Care Opportunities

Many leaders are facing the challenges of leading others in this season. People are sick, but more detrimental than the sickness is that people are being challenged economically. This is a huge burden on pastors and leaders. I have talked to several pastors of large churches globally who have seen their salaries reduced by 1/2 and some even more than that. These leaders need people to care for them. If the leadership of a church is struggling you can be doubly assured that the people of the church are struggling as well and not receiving the life-giving hope they all need. As we together care for leaders, they are healthier to care for the thousands upon thousands that they collectively impact. At globalLead we have served over 153 ministry leaders through our shortened Heart of the Leader events to care for the souls of Christian leaders (including  some of those in the photo above). Here is what these leaders have said about these events:

“This time helped me to understand and feel who precious a friend Jesus is to me and his unconditional love and humbleness towards me.” Jessica, Nepal

“To connect the word of God with the current situation. Once more acknowledging that Jesus is a real friend.” Farris, Kenya

Online Ministry Opportunities

When I was finishing up my doctoral studies last year a portion of my research findings showed that leaders who had access to recorded trainings were actually more deeply impacted than those who engaged in live Zoom video conference trainings. With this in mind, and because of the obstacles of travel, your globalLead team has established our Ministry Team Strategy training course to be accessible anywhere, anytime, by using the Google Classroom platform. In our initial course we have over 60 people going through the materials from 13 different countries across 5 continental regions.

Technical Opportunities

With so many people unable to travel, God has allowed us to meet leaders right in their homes using Zoom and other technologies. Although we are moving about in the USA, many around the globe are still under severe travel restrictions. If ministry leaders are stuck at home, what can they do? They can be further equipped for future ministry and how to use the technology in front of them to minister in this current season as well. We have trained 86 leaders over the past few months on how to use Zoom and other technologies to serve and to care for their own people.

Local Ministry Opportunities

Our administration team has taken this season of obstacles and exchanged it for the opportunity to streamline the globalLead operations. Led by Jack Dyson, our International Director of Operations, our team is busy working on converting to a new accounting system and donor development platform. We all know that these ministries are just as essential as what others are doing out in the field or through online ministry trainings. Without good internal systems, these field ministries cannot happen. 

Publishing Opportunities

One of the goals we had this year in the ministry was to publish one of our discipleship workbooks encompassing over 200 pages. This series is currently in the final editing and graphic design stage. This set deals with theological foundations that youth should know and understand, like Who is God? Who is Jesus? What About Sin? In addition, it will cover what we would call practical theology areas, like Why Should I Attend Church? Why Should I Tithe? How Can I Share My Testimony? This set is designed for both large and small group usage, as well as one to one discipleship. Once it is complete, we will tailor it for adults as well, so as parents can also use them as they disciple their youth. These are being developed in a non-cultural way so that the Biblical principles that have worked for 2000 years across hundreds of countries can be taught globally without obstacles. Other ministry publications are in the works as well.

Caring Opportunities

With the economic impact on people globally (in most locations the economic impact is much greater than the impact of the virus), we have had the opportunity to care for ministry leaders with practical financial needs. Through our accumulating Caring and Sharing Fund, we have been able to send financial support to leaders in financial need. Many church leaders are not getting paid. Many of these places depend on weekly physical cash offerings. They do not typically have electronic giving like we would here. Many church leaders are being laid off and have no unemployment benefits. We would like to continue to have funds to help these leaders. Would you consider an extra one-time donation to our Caring and Sharing Fund to help these leaders? Mark you extra gift below or send a separate online gift through our website at https://globallead.world/support-us/giving-ways-to-give/. 

Good Opportunities

The Apostle Paul reminds us all in Romans 8:28, that , “…we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” He is the only one who can take obstacles and turn them into eternal opportunities for good! You and I are called by Him to care for those around the globe and we have the opportunity before us  to do this together!

Chris Davis, Executive Director, globalLead

Global Training

In life there are constants and there are changes. The same is true in your globalLead ministry. Many things are changing currently in our world. We never would have dreamed that we would not be able to fly to other countries to see leaders around the globe face to face. For decades we have served leaders in face to face trainings. 

We are now training leaders online as they are in their homes still facing lockdown in most countries around the globe (we plan to continue face to face and online trainings in the future). Not only are we using live Zoom trainings, but we have now launched our first Google Classroom hosted training. These trainings enable leaders to receive trainings anytime, anywhere, anyplace. There are some great advantages to this type of training. Leaders have more time to process what they hear as they review videos and work at their own pace. 

We have over 60 participants in this event from 13 different countries. In the past, we could have never had leaders come together from 13 countries! Today we can!

What has not and will not change, in globalLead, is our unapologetic stand on God’s Word and the example of Jesus Christ for life and ministry. 


Ministry Strategy Seminar

We are excited to announce that our Ministry Strategy Seminar is going online on August 31st! This course will be taught primarily through Google Classroom. We are also welcoming participants from other countries! The time for the USA (Eastern Time zone) is 7:00-8:30 AM. Please go to our website for more information: https://globallead.world/online-training/

globalLead welcomes Europe director!

Nixon N. Echavez serves as Europe Director for globalLead International.

For over 20 years, Nixon pastored in various church settings, including small urban poor church, mid-sized family churches, and a mega-church. In recent years, he has ministered to churches and trained ministry leaders across Europe.

He is married to his lovely wife, Lhei, who is into worship and women’s ministries. Together, they are blessed with four beautiful children, Ruth, Abigail, Mary, and JL.

Nixon believes that the hope of Europe depends on the revival of Christian leaders and their churches. The provision of relevant training is crucial in renewing the heart and mind of these servants. He hopes that globalLead training can facilitate the spiritual renewal of many church leaders in Europe.

Go here to see Nixon and Lhei’s globalLead missionary page to read his full bio and to donate to his support!


Nothing Can Lock Down Our God!

(above photo taken during online training with leaders in Vienna, Austria)

Although many in the USA are now moving about more freely, many of our friends around the globe are still limited from traveling any distance from their home. Others are limited by a daily curfew. With all of these trying circumstances, it is easy to retreat rather than move forward. We are reminded that the Apostle Paul faced restrictions in his life as a minister, yet the Gospel was still boldly proclaimed. Paul wrote the following to the believers in Rome, and later in his life he would be in prison and on house arrest in Rome. Being restricted from traveling is nothing new in Christianity.

For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:38-39)

Nothing can separate you or me or our ministry leaders around the globe from the love of Christ. In addition, nothing can lock down God’s sovereign and powerful Gospel from going out to those in need. Your ministry in globalLead is helping leaders be reminded of God’s inseparable love during these difficult times, so they can fully serve others. God has been working over the past few months in your ministry with globalLead in the following ways: online ministry to 162 leaders from 11 countries; training via text messages; training in a restricted country during persecution and Covid-19.