Have you ever had to work with something that had become rusty? I know I have. I noticed that often the things that are rusty are usually that way for one or two reasons, sometimes for both. They have been out in the elements of rain and weather and they have not been used for a while. Not only is this true in the natural world, but also in the spiritual as well.

Part of being in missions, and being on mission for all of us, is to be under His care, and to be actively caring for those who need that same care. The Psalmist wrote, “Trust in the Lord, and do good;” (Psalm 37:3a). Trusting in the Lord means to depend on Him not ourselves. When we are out in the elements of life, unprotected, without trusting in the Lord, we become rusty spiritually. When we cease to seek out those who need to hear the Gospel, we also become rusty. I love how Charles Spurgeon puts this, “There is a joy in holy activity which drives away the rust of discontent.” When we are active in His holy activity, the joy keeps us from becoming rusty. When we sit around and watch others, we can become discontent and rusty.

At globalLead, we are always seeking to be active in ministering, mentoring, and multiplying.

Chris Davis