Did you realize that only 1 out of every 10 ministry leaders who begin their ministry at a young age actually finishes in ministry? This statistic has haunted me ever since I heard it. At globalLead we realize that if a leader is equipped in doing the ministry only and not in how to lead themselves, the long-term impact for the Gospel globally will not continue to exponentially grow.

To combat this trend, we have a thriving ministry area called the Heart of the Leader. (The picture above is of the women’s small group with their mentor from a recent training.) In line with the Heart of the Leader objectives, I just completed a 6-session online training with 21 leaders from 10 different countries. The topic of the training was Christ-Centered Soul Care for Christian Leaders. Here is some of the great feedback we received:

“This course really helped me to understand the heart of Jesus Christ for us in caring for our soul and challenged me to spend more time with Jesus.”

“Because this course focused on the life of Jesus as a person, it changes my focus from the works or words of Jesus to the life of Jesus as well. This is a very deliberate way of looking at soul care.”

“This course challenged me to actually reconsider the seriousness of the spiritual disciplines, as being a core necessity for one to have a successful public ministry or function.”

                    “I felt the urgency of taking care of my soul because I realized all my stresses are effects of my lack of personal time with my God.”

Thank you for all you do alongside us at globalLead to provide Christ-centered ministry, mentoring, and multiplication, globally!

Chris Davis, Executive Director