Fund Asia – Philippines, Southeast Asia

2017 was a year of amazing adventures!
We have been given access to help believers in a restricted country. And so, we have gone. Not just once but many times over now, equipping leaders to spread the Good News. Despite risks, we as a ministry, are still determined to help out believers in that country as best as we can.

Project Mongolia

2017 also marked just our second year of training in Mongolia and yet we’ve been able to train over a hundred leaders coming from 90% of the provinces already! For a population with only an estimated 2% of the population as believers, that is a lot. This year our partners there have a more ambitious goal. Instead of limiting training in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city, they hope to spread the training into the other regions of Mongolia!


The vision is to see how equipped leaders will help their people share the Good News to the estimated 3,031,800 who still do not believe in Jesus (98% of the population)!

In the Philippines

Philiippines 2017

The Philippine highlight last year was the implementation of a training model that focused on bringing together all key church ministry leaders (not just the pastors or individuals). Participants came from the Philippines, the United States, Mongolia, and Nepal. We also completed our third Heart of the Leader Journey (a way for ministers and leaders to be ministered to). More than ever we have seen the need of ministers for these types of soul care experience. Just like the Church Leaders’ Training, the Heart of the Leader brought people from all across the globe, there were participants and mentors from the United States, Ethiopia, and New Zealand beside Philippine delegates.

We are praying that 2018 will be even better!

The challenging part is that the ministry has gone beyond our financial capacity to sustain these trainings and to consider adding more locations.

We currently do not have enough funding to pursue additional mission trainings or even continue all these projects!

We need your help. To be able fulfill the vision and sustain the ministry, we need partners to help us raise a total of $1000 monthly for the ministry of globalLead Southeast Asia. Raising this amount will help the mission trainings above to continue and help globalLead Southeast Asia pursue opportunities in new countries.

Thank you for supporting your Southeast Asia globalLead Ministry Team!
Alvan, Ethel, Grace, Windel and faithful assistants (Astrid and Piper)


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