Fund Asia – Philippines, Southeast Asia

As 2017 draws to a close, we are thankful for all the things that God has accomplished through the ministry. Hundreds of leaders have been equipped throughout Southeast Asia. There have been trainings done in Mongolia, the Philippines and even in East Asian Countries that cannot be mentioned in this letter!

The challenging part is that the ministry has gone beyond our financial capacity to sustain these trainings and to consider adding more locations.

We currently do not have enough funding to pursue additional mission trainings or still continue to run the existing ministry  as a whole. We know there is more equipping ministry that is needed throughout Southeast Asia.

We need your help. To be able fulfill the vision and sustain the ministry, we need to be able to raise $10,000 before the year is out.

(For tax deduction purposes all donations should be made or postmarked on or before Dec. 31st, 2017.)

Thank you for supporting your Southeast Asia globalLead Ministry Team!
Alvan, Ethel, Grace, Windel and faithful assistants (Astrid and Piper)

To donate through Paypal, click the Paypal logo in the link below. This should bring you to a page where you will see the words “Donate to FUNDASIA. If you do not see FUNDASIA under project then chose “Add special instructions to the seller.” Place “FUNDASIA” so that your donation can be designated toward the project. Thank you!


We can also receive your donations via mail to the globalLead US office. Our office mailing address is as follows for donations. Note that in order to receive tax deductions, donations must be done through the US office location. All donations must be postmarked or made by Dec. 31st in order to gain tax credit for 2017.

Mailing Address:
91 Park Ave. W. Ste. G
Mansfield, Ohio, 44904, USA

Please place “FUNDASIA” on your check or on another enclosed sheet of paper
in order for it to be designated toward the project. Thank you!