A Filipino pastor kneels during our ministry time in the Philippines as he prays about his life and ministry.

We recently completed one of the most exciting ministry times in the history of the mission! Gathered together were leaders from the USA, Philippines, Nepal, Uganda and Singapore. Gathering global leaders is not new to us, but what made this event historic was the intensity of ministry, not just the number of countries represented.

You have followed the growth of the ministry to many countries across several continents (50 countries in fact). This training of leaders continues to grow and multiply. But at the same time, it is essential that we position the ministry to be one of not only skill based ministry, but also for mentoring top leaders in a profound and deep way. I love the words of Pastor Bill Hybels when he says that, “leadership matters”. In any organization or society, leadership impacts and influences countless people.

At GYMN we are serious about leadership. Not just the leadership characteristics that we see, (above the water line), but most importantly the heart of the leader, or what I call, the below the waterline, unseen areas of their life
 and soul. Put in a different way, leaders, like cars must have healthy maintained engines. Their engines need to be running on all cylinders or their life and ministry will not be all it can be. We offer leaders spiritual maintenance checks, engine rebuilding and parts so that they can finish the race of life and ministry well!

This is what happened on a small remote island in the Philippines in July. We invested 2 full weeks over the past 2 years with a group of 20 leaders (including mentors). Not only did they receive quality Biblical teaching connected to their own soul care, but they were positioned individually and in small groups to process what God was speaking to them about. The impact and sharing was deeper than I had seen in any other ministry situation in my entire life! The bottom line is that pastors and leaders are human as well and have challenges in life 
and need someone to pastor and walk with them. Often times they are left out on an island and 
not seen as someone who needs led or needs to receive personal care. In the end they will col
lapse if they do not find help and encouragement (as we all have seen happen to leaders). Providing help and encouragement for these courageous leaders was what we provided. As you read 
these quotes and see the photos, you will see the sincere impact that occurred. Please pray first for your pastor and church leaders and secondly pray with us as we expand this ministry globally.

“I thank God for this time of refreshing by using Heart of the Leader as a way of facing my fears and doubts. People around me think I am strong but inside I am falling apart. I am honored that God brought me this
to guide me towards healing.”

“I didn’t realize how lost and overwhelmed I had been for a long-time until I attended Heart of the Leader. What a blessing it was to open up about aches and disappointments that I could not possibly deal with anywhere else.”

“If I had not attended the Heart of the Leader then I could have been in a burn out situation by now.”