Grateful for globalLead Training

Philiippines 2017

Testimonial by Ben Stuckey.  “My experience at the globalLead level 1 church leadership training seminar in Tagaytay City, Philippines (November 1-3, 2017) was outstanding. I have been on a number of trips outside of the United States, but none were as meaningful as this one!

When I left for the Philippines, I was a bit lost as a leader in the young adult ministry at our church. Exciting things were happening there, but my vision for moving forward was cloudy at best. In the Philippines I gained clarity and a renewed spirit. The level one training material is clear, concise, and extremely helpful. I came home with a thorough and practical list of goals for my ministry and personal life that I almost straight away began working on when I returned.

unnamedBut much more than that, I came home refreshed by the wonderful people at work in the Philippines and throughout Asia. I was privileged to spend time with the Southeast Asia globalLead staff as well as numerous pastors and lay leaders from the Philippines, Nepal, and Mongolia. This firsthand look at the work in Asia stirred up my passion for doing ministry and gave me new eyes for the challenges and blessings of our task in the United States. I am very grateful for my training at the level one seminar, and I am excited to continue supporting this excellent ministry!”

Looking Forward to 2018!


As we approach the end of 2017, we want to express our appreciation for those of you who have walked with us both financially and prayerfully throughout the year! We have had an amazing year and God has provided unbelievable opportunities for globalLead.

There have also been some challenges and resistance from governments and groups that are not excited about the ministry we do around the globe and they make it difficult for Christian ministry to grow and expand.

We do have so much to be grateful for here in the USA!  May our freedoms continue to encourage us to stand strong with our brothers and sisters around the world.

Looking forward to 2018 together!

Would you prayerfully consider a gift to help us finish 2017 strong?

Contributions can be made via the PayPal link on the right or by mail ~ 91 Park Ave W. Suite G, Mansfield, Ohio 44902. (All donations made or postmarked on or before December 31st may be eligible for a tax deduction for 2017.)


Global Expansion


Here is some exciting globalLead news from around the world!

India: Converge Youth Ministry Network (a partner ministry of the World Evangelical Alliance) sponsored a global event, where some of the globalLead staff interacted with and led around 100 ministry leaders of organizations and movements in Goa, India.  Matt Lewis, as well as other leaders we have partnered with, participated. After this event, Matt led a Heart of the Leader sampling event for pastors and ministry leaders in Pune, India.

Philippines: Ministry leadership teams from numerous churches in the Philippines, Nepal, and Mongolia traveled into Manila, Philippines to go through globalLead’s first official Ministry Leadership Team training seminar. A team from Crossroads Community Church in Ohio assisted the globalLead staff in this event. Many of those in attendance from the 3 countries will be slated to train the materials in the future.

Restricted location in East Asia: globalLead teams are actively continuing their work in East Asia. Please pray for the on-going safety and protection of the leaders and partners involved.

Africa: the globalLead Africa board is very busy with working on the search for their new ministry director, to set a plan for funding the ministry there, as well as overseeing trainings in Zambia, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Kenya. In Nigeria and Ghana, we are planning for Chris’ return to teach a 2nd level of materials and to begin to certify a team of local trainers. Our Zambia and Uganda volunteer trainers are continuing to develop trainings on their own.

We are excited to see where God will lead us next!


Full Circle (Part 2 – Mongolia)

In the last blog post, Full Circle (Part 1), we told you the story of Chinzo from Mongolia and his connection to Interstate Batteries and globalLead.  In this post we are sharing Chinzo’s fruitful labor on behalf of globalLead.

This report is from our SE Asia office: “The Lord be praised for the 40+ participants who were trained to be TRAINERS in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia in partnership with World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) and Mongolia Evangelical Alliance (MEA).” Our main organizer, pastor Chinzo (Chinzo is 2nd person from left in 2nd row from the bottom), is pictured here with the class of trainers,  along with Alvan Tauli (last person in 2nd row), globalLead’s SE Asia director.

It will be exciting to see how God continues his Full Circle ministry through globalLead!


Full Circle (Part 1)


When Chris Davis was in seminary in Dallas, Texas in 1994-96, he was privileged to be the assistant to the chaplain at the corporate offices of Interstate Batteries. Before he left Interstate Batteries to launch globalLead, they became one of our foundational supporters.

About 6 weeks ago, Chris saw this photo and a note in Facebook. On the left is Norm Miller, who is the chairman of Interstate Batteries. When Chris was working at Interstate Batteries in the 1990’s, one of the projects they supported was the Jesus Film. Norm was a key person that would adopt a whole country with other business leaders. One of the countries he adopted was Mongolia. The FaceBook message was from the gentleman on the right, whose name is Chinzo. Guess where he’s from? Mongolia! He remembers seeing the Jesus Film when he was a youth in Mongolia. And now he gets to meet Mr. Miller in Dallas, Texas, at an event at Dallas Seminary. To complete the circle, Chinzo does trainings for us at globalLead in Mongolia. It is amazing how God brings ministry full circle.” Not only did Mr. Miller invest in the Jesus Film, which helped Chinzo come to Christ, now Chinzo is a pastor training other leaders in Mongolia through globalLead. From Dallas to Mongolia through Mansfield back to Mongolia and returning to Dallas, a full circle of global ministry! 


Expanding: Staff

We have learned over the 20 plus years of global ministry that our work requires proper balance and alignment around three key areas: strategy, staff, and support. We have have seen God doing some great work recently in each of these areas. He has brought some very talented and experienced staff to work with us around the globe. These individuals are committed to the faith-based ministry of globalLead and are trusting Him for their salaries and provision. Here we would like to share about the staff additions in the international office.

Lori Lower – Assistant to the Executive Director (right in the photo) – Lori comes to globalLead with decades of administrative experience at Ashland Theological Seminary. She will be working part-time here at the office assisting Chris and our globalLead teams.

Eric Byrom – Heart of the Leader Project Staff (center in the photo) – Eric has been involved for several years as a globalLead board member and has been a recipient of the Heart of the Leader ministry (via Pastors of Excellence). He has also assisted in mentoring in the Heart of the Leader in the Philippines in 2016 and plans to return in 2017. Eric is raising support to work part-time with globalLead on a 6 month project basis, but hopes to continue on beyond that time frame. He will be assisting with the 2017 Heart of the Leader in the Philippines and working with other Heart of the Leader staff as they refine the materials and strategies. Click for more information about Eric.

Dr. Matt Lewis – International Director of Heart of the Leader (left in the photo) – Matt Lewis comes to globalLead after leading the mother program of Heart of the Leader (Pastors of Excellence). Matt has been a globalLead board member for several years and has assisted globalLead in the launching of our Heart of the Leader ministry. He is committing to lead our Heart of the Leader ministry as he trusts God for funding. Click for more information about Matt.

We are so thankful for these highly qualified and committed Christian leaders. We are excited to see the global impact each of them will have.

Dios te bendiga (God bless you in Spanish)! (Nicaragua/Mexico)

Pictured left to right: Keegan McQuate, Chris Davis, Pastor Dave Vance (not available for picture Aaron Nicolas)

Pictured left to right: Keegan McQuate, Chris Davis, Pastor Dave Vance (not available for the picture Aaron Nicolas).

Dios te bendiga (God bless you in Spanish)!

As I prepare to head to Nicaragua and to Mexico to train leaders for ministry, I wanted to say, God bless you! (Dios te bendiga).

Thank you for your on-going support and prayers as we continue to share the gospel of Jesus Christ around the globe.

On this trip from May 22nd-31st we will be training over 30 pastors and church leaders in Nicaragua. Traveling on this portion will be Pastor Dave Vance, Aaron Nicolas, Keegan McQuate and myself. We are excited to train these church pastors and church planters in the biblical principles for ministry from the life of Christ so that they can further reach, disciple and mobilize in their country. Many of these leaders travel hours and hours just to attend!

After 4 days in Nicaragua, Keegan and I will travel to Mexico City to train youth pastors in their two final courses in a Masters degree in Youth Ministry. We are excited that these leaders have been so thoroughly equipped and could be potential trainers of others in Mexico and other Spanish speaking nations.

Please pray for:

  • Safe travels
  • Health and energy (we will be teaching all day in above 90 degree temperatures).
  • Gospel impact that will occur in and through the leaders.
  • Opportunities to counsel these leaders in any areas that they may be struggling in.
  • Our families back home as they navigate the busy end of spring beginning of summer school and sports schedules.

Thank you again for helping us continue to minister, mentor and multiply Christian leaders around the globe!


Temesgen: Hungry Ethiopian Leader


Have you ever found yourself hungry for a certain food? Maybe even craving that food to the point that you would travel out of your way to get it? I have done this at times. Especially for my favorite ice cream brand or that famous Cincinnati-style flavored chili.

Aside from the hunger for food, allow me to introduce to you a hungry Christian leader who was craving God’s Word and training in ministry. Meet Temesgen Adisu. I met Temesgen recently during a three-day training event in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Temesgen was not from this capital city of Addis, he was from a remote area in Walaga region. Temesgen was a great student-leader to have in our midst. Over coffee (something else I will go out of my way for), Temesgen shared with me that he traveled 2 full days by bus just to get to the 3 day training. Did you catch that? He traveled a total of 4 days to receive 3 days of training.

Temesgen is a hungry leader! I am so glad that we train hungry leaders. I am also glad that we do not provide full handouts to meet their hunger. Leaders who are hungry are willing to invest something into the trainings. The leaders we train are asked to invest their time and their resources for the trainings (we often invest a portion into the events as well). Why is that so important? We want to be sure we are not casting our training before those who have no investment. No investment often means no ownership or results. Quite the opposite occurs when hungry leaders thirst for trainings and His Biblical principles for their ministry. These leaders produce fruit in their lives in ministry.

Thank you for helping us to serve these committed leaders around the globe!

Learning to Follow

Doug Ethiopia

I’ve always wanted to be a leader and have spent most of my life striving to be a good, Godly leader. Leadership is something that I think about often and it’s somewhat of a hobby. I listen to leadership podcasts, read leadership books, go to leadership conferences, and meet regularly with other local leaders. When Chris Davis (Founder and Executive Director of globalLead) asked me to consider going with him to Ethiopia and Kenya my first thought was “what will I be leading?” The answer to that question was “I’d really just like you to come along and help me.”

So after a lot of prayer and discussion with my family I decided to follow Chris to Africa. Unlike almost every other trip I have been on, I wasn’t in charge, I wasn’t the leader. I found myself in a new roll. I was the follower. After discussing the details of the trip and hearing about all the meetings and trainings that were planned I got really excited. In a few short weeks, thanks to many friends and family, I was able to raise the funds to go. This was really happening, I was going on a mission trip to Ethiopia and Kenya to serve with globalLead.

On this trip I had the privilege to follow Chris and do ministry. We worked with teens, taught Youth Pastor training sessions, encouraged and prayed with Pastors, shared Christ with strangers, and met all kinds of people. I was involved in board training and strategy sessions. I was humbled to ask questions and listen to denominational leaders, spend time with national youth workers and international aid coordinators.

I helped Chris take 15 people through the level 3 training, which means that these 15 youth leaders are now certified to train others. The 39 youth leaders that completed level 1 just blew me away with their desire to reach the youth in their cities. I witnessed a hunger and excitement for the gospel and a passion from these leaders to really embrace the strategy that they were being taught.

Three lessons I learned about following from my first globalLead trip to Africa:

  1. Followers need to be committed to the mission, they need to be “all in” in order to accomplish the ministry.
  2. Followers need to listen to instructions and obey the mentor/teacher.
  3. Followers need to remember that they, too, have people watching and following them. They need to be living a life worth imitating. It’s good to turn around from time to time and see who is following you.

If you will fear the Lord and serve him and obey his voice and not rebel against the commandments of the Lord, and if both you and the king who reigns over you will follow the Lord your God, it will be well. 1 Samuel 12: 14 ESV

Striving to Follow,
Doug Taylor
globalLead Board of Director Member

East Africa Multiplication Ministry Trip

On Friday February 26th, I, Chris Davis, will be heading out to Africa. Coming along with me to assist in our process of ministering, mentoring and multiplying will be Doug Taylor, the Executive Director at Heartland Church here in Richland County, Ohio. Doug is also one of the globalLead board members (pictured here with his family).

Together we will be training leaders in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia through two major events. First will be ouWorknehr training of trainers event. This will be a time for us train 15 selected ministry leaders who will continue the multiplication process of training other leaders. These trainers have gone through several years of training and practical experience with us at globalLead. This group is from the Kale Haywet Church there, an evangelical group of over 8,000 churches! This trainer group will be assisting us as we train others in the second event.  (Note the photo here of Workneh Dawit and his family, one of our hosts, is the national youth director for this denomination).

Part two in Ethiopia will include up to 60 national level denominational and youth ministry leaders as we walk with them through our Level 1 Strategic training. Those being invited are the top national leaders from 30 different evangelical denominations. This group represents and will be able to impact almost all of the evangelical churches in the whole country!

Nick and JuliaAfter 5 days in Ethiopia, we will travel to Nairobi, Kenya to have a strategic gathering with our African globalLead Board. Together we will be praying and planning out the details for the ministry in regards to staffing, strategy and support in a sustainable fashion. Pastor Nick Korir will be hosting the event as a long time partner with us at globalLead (pictured here with his wife Julia).

Also while in Kenya, we will be gathering 3 key East Africa leaders as we strategize impacting the whole region and continent together. This group is a sub-group of a global team that we partner of like-minded evangelical ministry leaders.

Please pray with us for:

  • Continued ownership of the ministry by the local leaders in Africa.
  • Strategic partnerships to form with key leaders.
  • Thousands of youth and church leaders who will be multiplying what they learn in order to impact millions of people for Christ across Africa.
  • For the Davis and Taylor families back here in Ohio as they balance life as Doug and I are away.

We are excited to go and make disciples! Thank you for being a praying sender!